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A SIM card, also known as Subscriber Identity Module, is a small card that remains within the mobile phone and connects the users to the network. These SIM cards contain your phone number and allow you to make voice calls, send messages, and access the internet.

Over the years, the SIM cards evolved a lot, and now you can see them in different sizes, including nano, micro, and mini-SIM. However, there are different types of mobile SIM-only plans available in the market.

So, you have to know the differences between prepaid and mobile SIM-only plans to choose the right one for yourself.

What is a prepaid plan for your mobile?

A prepaid plan or prepaid mobile service is the one for which you need to pay beforehand while purchasing a SIM starter kit or recharging your plan. You need to pay a particular amount of money before starting your mobile service.

Then that money will be converted into your mobile credit, with which you can enjoy services like:

  • * Sending text messages.

  • Making phone calls.

  • Surfing the internet or using mobile data. Etc.

The amount of your mobile credit or the charges of your every usage will depend on your prepaid plan along with your recharge amount.

This credit will expire after a specific amount of time, such as one year or 28 days. This time will also depend on the recharge plan of your prepaid service.

You can easily check the credit inclusions and amount of your recharges in the Critical Information Summary or the CIS of your prepaid plan. Prepaid plans may be the best choice for you, as this is a non-contract option.

You can enjoy add-ons and bonus data while using your prepaid mobile plan. Add-ons are the extra or additional credits that you can easily enjoy regardless of your place and time.

If your total credit includes multiple balances like an add-on, bonus credit, standard recharge, etc., then the bonus credit will be used first, and then the add-ons, and lastly, the standard inclusions will be used.

Why choose prepaid plans?

  • It is perfect for limited usage.

  • There are no unexpected costs.

  • You can choose your credit and bundle.

What are the mobile SIM-only plans?

The mobile SIM-only plans offer a complete package of minutes, text messages, and data services for a monthly charge. These kinds of deals allow the users to choose the minutes, text messages, and also data that they usually need.

These types of SIMs do not confine you to expensive and long phone repayments. Thus, they are rightly termed as BYO phone plans. As these mobile SIM-only plans offer various deals and there is an array of service providers you can choose from. Hence, using these SIMs is a perfect way to save money on your mobile bill.

So, if you are already using a smartphone, you can easily get a good mobile SIM-only plan for your handset.

The mobile SIM-only plans are really a lot cheaper than the other phone plans because while using these plans, you need to pay only for those services which you use. Moreover, you can easily change your smartphone whenever you need it while using your mobile SIM-only plans.

Why choose mobile SIM-only plans?

  • It comes with free monthly charges

  • A lot cheaper than a prepaid plan

Therefore, you can easily choose between prepaid plans and mobile SIM-only plans as per your preferences and needs.

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