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Counter-Strike is one of the founding competitive gaming titles in the first-person shooter (FPS) genre. Yet, after years of being around, the game is not looking like slowing down. Part of this is the tireless efforts of Valve, the game’s creators. The other reason why CS:GO is so successful is the fact that the community built around the game is tight. 

Interestingly, the best betting sites Australia has to offer to confirm that CS:GO is also one of the most bet on games. In fact, it’s the esports title that accumulates the most wagering action, and this directly translates into how resilient the game is to sudden changes. 

With the recent release of Call of Duty, Apex Legends and Valorant, many began wondering if CS:GO can survive the onslaught of new and arguably better games. Yet, one of these titles proved a CS:GO killer. Sure, many players left the game to go and try the new titles, but many more joined from Valorant and Apex Gaming.

Why? Some players just enjoy the simplicity of the gameplay that allows CS:GO to be such a sophisticated game. There are no random skills or events you got to think about, there is no luck of the draw, and it all boils down to pure mechanical skill and the ability to down your opponents through accurate shooting and a good strategy on the backend.

That is why the outlook for CS:GO is actually quite optimistic. For one, the game tends not to be too easily influenced by others, and it’s like to stay around for many more years to come. The community has been growing steadily, not least because of Valve’s decision to continue sponsoring events – actually, this is the first year Valve will be paying the prize pool for a CS:GO event, much like it does for Dota 2. You can make your bet on CS GO events at the https://hellsbet.com/en-au/betway site.

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