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If you have a habit of frequently visiting various events or conferences or you have to attend such events as a part of your job, you might have had plenty of lanyards with you that it might have become a normal thing for you! Lanyards have so many benefits that almost everyone makes use of one every day. They could be worn either on the neck and some are specially designed for the wrist and the waist. No matter where you go, people from many organisations make use of lanyards for various purposes. Hence, almost all companies manufacture custom made promotional lanyards by adding the logo, name or slogan of the company. If you are looking to Buy lanyards, Australia, you could look up various companies that manufacture customised lanyards in bulk that suit the needs of brands. Find out how lanyards could be beneficial in your business.

·Smart, Practical & Useful Option: When it comes to practicality, a lanyard could surely win. It helps in keeping your hands free. If you are attending any event and has a lanyard with your ID card on it, this would allow you to move around freely without holding your ID card in your hands. The lanyard displays the ID card, employee card or something else. It could also hold various items. Hence, a lanyard could help you remain ‘hands-free’.

·For Promotional & Advertising Purposes: A lanyard is one of the economical ways to easily promote your brand. You could get a custom printed lanyard that has the company logo. This would be worn by everyone working for the brand. This would be a great way to get people to recognize your brand.

·Keeps You Safe: Safety is essential for every employee in a workplace. It could be easily achieved by providing identification cards to all of the employees which have the company lanyard that would be visible every time. Besides this, it would help in identifying an unauthorised person from entering the workplace easily and boost security.

·Helps Make Friends: When you start working in a company, you would see various employees with the same lanyard as you are wearing. Hence, you could understand that they work in the same organisation or department and could easily make friends.

·Helps Communicate Well with Customers: If you wear lanyards and work in the sales or customer service department, the customers where you work might interact with you in a better way. The ID card you have would be displayed on the lanyard and the customers could understand your name and this would create a sense of familiarity among the customers.

·Least Expensive: Various promotional items might need you to spend a huge amount of money to promote your business however, it necessarily does not have to be so. Lanyards are very effective as they become very useful during events or at promotional giveaways. However, that would not be much expensive when compared to other promotional materials.

·Recognition of Employees: An employee could be easily recognised when they are wearing lanyards. However, when it comes to an award, a specially customised lanyard given to the employee might be appreciated. This could serve as an incentive to boost their confidence and pride.

·Looks Professional: If you wear a lanyard as a part of your organisation, it would make one look good. You would look more professional as well as each of the employees in the organisation.

·Lanyards Last Longer: Yes, you heard it right. As it is one of the elements that represent a brand, high-quality lanyards would be provided to employees. There is no point in owning a lanyard with low quality or that could be easily broken or damaged. It is made of nylon material and hence could withstand the weight and is durable.

·Brings a Sense of Unity: Lanyards help bring unity among the employees as they begin to trust each other and work together to make the company a successful one. There are so many benefits from lanyards and it’s no wonder why companies have chosen lanyards as an effective and least expensive material for their employees to use.

·Spreads the Word About Your Company: Custom lanyards with the brand name, logo etc. could help in increasing awareness about the brand. In case of meetings, trade shows, or other outdoor activities, the clients might bring in the lanyards that represent their companies as well. This small action would help in the recognition of both brands and would spread the word about the business.

·Boost to Brand Loyalty: May the business be big or small, the clients would solely rely on the companies that grow and prosper. By providing custom lanyards to the clients and customers, they would create a great bond with the brand and this could retain the brand loyalty of the customers and clients.

·Helps in Gaining Traction: Providing handouts to tradeshows and other events could be a great way to spark up a conversation. One of the best things to hand out would be customised lanyards. They could be useful and other people at the event would see them wearing and would show interest in knowing what your brand is all about.

·Making Clients Happy: If there is a client or customer who is out of touch, send them a custom lanyard. This would give them a feeling that you still care about their business. The client would get a feeling that the brand cares and it would become a useful gift for the receiver. Custom lanyards provide endless opportunities to engage the target audience whether they secure a VIP pass, keys or some other important things. When the lanyards have high-quality photos & excellent print quality of the receiver, it becomes a valuable gift that offers great promotional appeal.

Custom lanyards could be Multifunctional

Lanyards came into existence when it was used by sailors to keep the items from shifting or going out of the ship. This simple accessory appeared for the first time in the 15th century in France. Nowadays, it is used for various purposes in various environments. They are usually used to hold ID badges and are a common sight during trade shows and various events. They have also made their way into various other areas.

You could wear a lanyard for:

·Outdoor Recreation: The lanyard could be used for recreational activities such as camping, hiking, climbing and so on. It could also be used to haul important items or to carry essentials hands-free.

·For Home Use: Lanyards are an easy answer for start-up organisations in basements, garages and big closets.

·Lanyards with Breakaway Pens: Specialised lanyards with breakaway pens are a great gift when the client is unable to find a writing instrument during an event. When they get a gift such as a lanyard with a pen on it, they would remember your brand.

·USB Drives: They are small tech items that might get lost easily amid the clutter. If you couple USB’s onto custom lanyards, the customers could easily find them in drawers or might even wear them on the neck at the time of presentation. This would provide increased brand exposure and a form of free promotion to the company.

Customised lanyards are a cheap investment that would provide more brand exposure. It is a part of Promotional lanyards and other office supplies which would be provided in cases of conferences or other events that are organised by the brand.

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