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Asking someone you met online out on a date can be extremely exciting: it may be frightening a bit, but it is still a necessary thing. You should start by using only trusted sites to get acquainted with someone, such as, for example, the large dating portal SweetyDate, or even using ratings of most reliable sites like Dating.Eduzorro.

But even after you've brought yourself to take the first step, thought through all of your jokes and dialogues, and finally arranged the date, your plan may start to fall apart before you actually see each other!

To prevent this from happening, read these top 10 first-date tips!

Do not show your smartphone addiction

Turn off your mobile phone, so as not to seem like another phone gazer! The best friend can wait, you’ll talk later, and Facebook can wait, too!

Don't ask about your partner’s income

Even the richest men set up first dates in some neutral places to check if the girl is too concerned about how much money he makes. And if a man arranges a date in a simple cafe, a woman should not insist on going to an expensive restaurant. The main thing with the first dates is to make everyone feel comfortable, please each other and get to know each other better, so you will still have time to ask about each other’s income later.

Don't make high expectations

Remember that people (especially girls!) often abuse beauty filters, so on the first date, you may be surprised to find that the lady looks a little different. Try not to express your feelings about that, because you can easily offend a person.

Choose the right place for a date

If you are not a newbie on the Web, then you’ve already used social networks to check what places your partner likes to visit most and what options will be the best choice to offer him.

Get prepared

Get enough sleep before your date, dress in new, comfortable clothes, and be positive. Remember that your state of inner harmony, sense of humor, delicacy, and charming smile will help you a lot to impress your new acquaintance!

Take an interest in your partner's life

Show a sincere interest in him and his life, ask questions, listen, admire. Girls should be aware that men love to talk about themselves and their hobbies, so show him that there is nothing more interesting and exciting for you than his superbike racing!

Do not give or accept expensive presents

Since you still don’t know your partner well, you shouldn’t make or accept too expensive gifts, ‘cause it is considered a “mauves tone”. Also, such behavior will free you from feeling obligated to this person.

An ordinary bouquet of beautiful flowers for the first date will do. There are also some rules about who pays in the restaurant, but they can always be discussed.

Let a man be a true cavalier

Allow him to be gallant. Now girls are quite independent, and this affects the behavior of men. Let him open the door for you, take care of your clothes, take you to the car or the subway.

Behave appropriately

You should not take your beloved dog or child with you on the first date, even if the dog is small and the child behaves perfectly. You’ll have time for that a little later when you get to know each other better. But the first date is the time you devote to each other, and nothing else.

Do your best not to look arrogant

For example, in order not to look like a glutton and not frighten off a man you like with excessive wastefulness, do not order too much food in a cafe, even if you are very hungry. Let him order just a cup of coffee and a dessert.

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