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Holiday traditions in Sydney are as important as they are anywhere else in the world. But the one holiday that feels empty without a ton of decorations and gifts is Christmas. The little things make for an inviting home and a happy holiday but they are a pain to clean up and store when the new year rolls around.

So let’s make it our new year's resolution to come up with an efficient system to store everything holidays related in a way that it is all easily accessible and in one piece for next year. Our purpose is to help you follow through with this resolution by detailing a bunch of hacks for storage in Sydney around the holidays.

Labels and Clear Bins

It is advisable to put little label tags on the containers you divide your decorations into so you know the category of items that are in each one of them. However, there is no way of remembering where every little thing is so if you want to save time, clear bins are the way to go. Whenever you need something from those little containers you can locate it without having to disturb and rummage through every single one of them. 

Hanging Wreaths

If you don't want your wreaths to be crushed and of absolutely no use next year, refrain from keeping them in bins or shelves. A smart way of keeping them out of the way but safe, is to store them in disposable garbage bags and hang those up using pot hanger hooks. You just need one additional rod so it won't take up too much extra space.

Wrapping String Lights Around Hangers or Cardboard Pieces

Detangling string lights on Christmas is everyone's worst nightmare because you never know if it could take minutes or hours. Wrapping them around hangers is an easy way to store them without getting insufferable tangles in there. If you don't want to use hangers, cut some empty cardboard boxes into pieces and utilise them instead of throwing them out. They will do the job as well as hangers and free up the space those empty boxes were taking up.

Keeping Fragile Ornaments Separate 

Getting dividers to create compartments in order to keep your smaller, more fragile ornaments safe is just going to cost more money and extra time. Use some plastic cups to store them instead. If not, make use of those empty egg cartons or wine boxes that already have small sections in them. We hope you didn't throw them out yet!

Wrapping Paper Storage

There is bound to be some leftover wrapping paper at the end of holiday season and here is how you can keep it from tearing before next year, hanging garment bags!! Yes, you can store your wrapping paper in garments bags and hang it up in a corner so it is out of your hair till you need it again.

Self-storage Units

It is totally understandable to not want all these holiday decorations to clutter your home. If storing these items seems too tiring for you but you still want to use them again next year, you can contact a self-storage facility that will pick, store and return your holiday necessities as you wish. You don't have to worry about them not lasting till next year and can easily schedule pick ups online and via applications. 

All in all,

There are many hidden items in our own house that make organised storing easier. The goal of this piece was just to help you realise what those are. We hope that the goal is achieved, that we helped ease your yearly storage worries and that you enjoy your holidays fully! 

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