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Sewing your bub’s clothing is a great way to make adorable keepsakes without the hefty price tag. You know it, we know it: baby clothes are expensive. From beanies to bibs, shoes to sleepsuits, baby clothing is something that adds up fast and unexpectedly for new parents.

So if you have the skills to sew a few pieces yourself, why not do it? You don’t have to make your little one’s whole wardrobe - even just a few tops and quilts is a great place to start. Get off to a great start by picking up some quality baby fabrics in Australia and away you go (with a little help from our guide if you need it).

Planning is paramount

Once you have decided to make some clothes for your bub, you should always plan and stay organised. The best way to start is by making a checklist with all considerations and move down the list. Make sure that you have all of your equipment ready before you start. You many need things like pinking scissors.


Having your bub’s proper measurements is essential, even more so if you’re making the clothing for someone else’s baby. Adjustments can be made if it’s your baby, but for someone else, however, it’s important to know the garment/s will fit from the beginning. Simply get a measurement of said baby’s size so that you measure your working pattern against it. Baby clothes should be cosy and snug, but babies do grow quickly, so allow a little space for their growth.


You can find heaps of free patterns online. However, you may not be the world’s most meticulous sewer, so you will want to choose a pattern you can easily handle. There is a big difference between formal and informal clothing, given the techniques and fabrics required to make the garment. You also have to choose a pattern you can print, trace and adjust accordingly. The pattern is the start of your sewing, and there are so many different styles available online, including:

  • Play pants

  • Sundresses

  • T shirts

  • Hats

  • Rompers

  • Mittens

  • Bibs

  • Diaper covers

  • Sleepsuits


There are so many amazing patterns available online. Australian patterns can be so adorable on little bubs, with Aussie animals being a particularly favourite pattern for baby clothing. You want to choose the right patterns for the right occasion and pattern, so take your time going through the extensive range available online before choosing the perfect one for an adorable baby garment.

Safety & skills

You have to be honest and accepting with your sewing skill level. Naturally, a poorly made garment from a top quality pattern will not be as good or comfortable as a well-made garment from an easier pattern. Baby clothes don’t have to be something out of a Parisian fashion house - you want them to get the most wear out of them. You don’t have to try too hard, or go too outlandish with your attempts - something clean and cosy with a simple pattern can be the biggest winner.

  • Safety: Adornments can be super cute, but you should never dismiss safety for a lovely embellishment. Ensure you don’t add anything that a bub can pull off and chew on. What’s more, make sure the clothing should be snug and comfy without any loose fabric.

  • Smocking: You can always buy a store-bought garment to make it something new and unique. Through alterations and smocking, you can create an “original” piece - the perfect baby clothing memento.

Sewing baby clothing is exciting for expectant or new mothers as well as friends and family of a mum-to-be. Have fun and develop your skill level as time goes on - soon you will be making adorable baby clothes that can be kept for years to come!

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