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You have to shoot your first wedding, don't know what to expect and need wedding photography tips? Then this tutorial is just right for you! With my guide to wedding photography, I want to help you successfully photograph your first wedding.

I'll give you wedding photography tips for beginners in my guide and explain what important key moments you need to photograph at the wedding.


I'm sure this question sounds familiar and has probably been the ticket into wedding photography for most amateur photographers.

First Wedding Photography: Tips for Beginners

Wedding Photography Tips: If you're looking to photograph your first wedding, it's important to know what to expect as a photographer at the wedding in the first place. Lavan Photography gives you tips on how to photograph your first wedding without making any major mistakes.

At first, you'll be excited about photographing your first wedding. Once a few days have passed and you're getting to grips with the subject of wedding photography, you'll quickly realize that creating wedding photos will be a real challenge and that you'll have a real responsibility on your shoulders.

Often the first doubts arise whether you will be able to photograph the wedding at all and whether you will be able to adjust the right camera settings quickly enough in the heat of the moment.

But: stay cool! You'll be fine. Every wedding photographer has photographed his or her first wedding. It was the same for me. In the meantime, it looks completely different: Weddings have been part of my daily business since 2015 and indeed, you quickly grow into the challenges of working as a wedding photographer!

I want to help you with my wedding photography tips and above all take away the excitement before wedding photography. Because if you know what to expect as a wedding photographer, you'll have an easier time shooting your first wedding. Be warned, in the "photographing a wedding" post, it gets really detailed! So take some time.

So that you won't be completely naive about photographing your first wedding, it's important to know what to expect in the first place. From experience I can tell you that in wedding photography the following is very important

If you are going to photograph a wedding, it is essential that you can always operate your camera with absolute confidence in order to change camera settings quickly.

In wedding photography, you will be confronted with different lighting situations to which you will have to react with lightning speed.

A missed moment at a wedding - for example, at the wedding ceremony - cannot simply be repeated.

In wedding photography, you have to be highly concentrated for many hours continuously and have your eyes and ears everywhere in order not to miss any important moments and wedding photos.

As a wedding photographer, under no circumstances should you act in an intrusive or disruptive manner or interfere with, say, the wedding ceremony.

You will be doing quite a bit of legwork when photographing a wedding.

A wedding is a joyous event - so friendliness and good humor is important.

Know the schedule and the important people at the wedding, such as groomsmen, parents, etc.

The day after the wedding you will probably be sore - a.k.a.


In the following list you will find twelve wedding photography tips:

Turn off the sound on your camera (focus confirmation) - otherwise it will only disrupt the wedding and draw attention to you.

  • As a wedding photographer, it's best to always work with two cameras - then you'll have to change fewer lenses and always have a backup body with you.

  • Be sure to shoot the wedding in RAW format.

  • It is better to take too many photos of the same moment than too few.

  • Don't just take snapshots, try to tell a story and actively compose the subjects at the wedding.

  • Change the perspective as often as possible.

  • Photograph not only the bride and groom, but also the guests.

  • Prepare for the shoot and, if necessary, make a list of poses for the wedding photos.

  • Dress like the wedding party. Then you will be less conspicuous.

  • Don't look at the camera screen all the time - you will miss moments.

  • Use aperture priority and Auto ISO in changing light situations.

  • Additional tip: Wear comfortable shoes, because you will be walking a lot.


If you are going to shoot a wedding, my wedding photography checklist will help you prepare:

  • Check if the camera sensor is clean and do a wet cleaning if necessary.

  • Check if the batteries are charged and if you have packed enough batteries.

  • Check if the lenses are clean

  • Pack all the lenses you need

  • Take enough empty memory cards

  • Pack flashes and radio triggers

  • Also remember to have charged batteries for the flashes and pack spare batteries

  • Also important: take some food with you

  • Don't forget to print out your daily schedule and take it with you.

  • Synchronize the time of your cameras on the day of the wedding

  • Wear clean, pressed clothes.

  • Make a note of important addresses and pack this note with you.

  • Know the first names of the bride and groom

  • Drive to the wedding on time - plan buffer time for traffic jams

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