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Outdoor concrete pavers are exposed to extreme weather conditions like sunlight and rains. The driveway pavers also have to sustain additional wear due to vehicle movement. Due to sun exposure, the pavers might lose their colour and may look aged and damaged. Your pavers need not become an eyesore; you can easily make them shine like new by painting concrete pavers

How your pavers will look after they are painted depends a lot on the colours you choose and how well you apply the colour. After applying the colour, it is crucial to seal the pavers for a long-lasting effect. Before starting the painting job, it is vital to purchase all the material you require to avoid delays. Here is a step-by-step guide to painting concrete pavers to make them look vibrant. 

Step 1: Choose an Appropriate Time for Starting You Painting Job 


Carefully pick the right day to start the painting job. Check the weather prediction; choosing a rainy day for the painting job might not be a good idea as it may ruin the paint. Avoid selecting a busy day when you might be expecting many guests as the paint will require enough time to dry in between coat applications. You would not want the colour to have footprints on it. 


Step 2: Clean the Weeds Appearing Stains on The Pavers 


Much of how the finished paint will look depends on how well the surface is cleaned. Pull the weeds appearing on the gaps of the pavers. To remove the rust oil stains, you may have to apply chemicals purchased from the store. You will have to use it as per the usage instruction mentioned on the pack. Brush away all the loose sand with the broom.  


Step 3: Scrub Clean the Pavers 


Use dishwashing detergent to scrub clean the pavers with a stiff broom. Allowing the soap solution to sit for some time could remove the stains. Carefully remove the grit, moulds, dust, and grime. Often thorough cleaning will help restore their original colour. After the pavers have been scrubbed, it is time to wash them thoroughly with the hose. Let the pavers dry overnight.


Step 4: Apply the Primer and Allow It to Dry 


Once the pavers are completely dry, apply a coat of primer and let it dry. It is essential to apply the primer as it helps in covering up imperfections. Primer also ensures that the paint adheres better to the surface of the pavers and dries faster. One may feel the urge to skip this step to save money and time, but the implications of not applying primer could be adverse. 


Step 5: Paint With Roller Brush and Let It Dry 


After applying the first coat of paint with a roller brush or a spray and let it dry. The time it will require to dry will be mentioned on the pack. In case it does not dry in the stipulated time, you can give it some more time to dry. Application of the second coat should happen only when the first coat is completely dry. 


 Step 6: Put on Two Coats of Sealant 


Once the paint dries, apply two coats of sealant with sufficient time in between to allow them to dry this process will usually take forty-eight hours. Avoid using the pavers till all the layers of paint and sealers are completely dry. Applying a sealer will prevent the pavers from staining and give longevity to the painted pavers. 




Painting job done well will give your pavers a new zest. It is important to note that painting and requires patience. You need to provide enough time for the layers of primer, paint, and sealant to dry completely in between application of coats. The outdoor temperature should never be below 50 degrees or above 85 degrees. The pavers should not be moist while applying the primer, paint, or primer. 

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