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Many prospective business owners are attracted to the vaping industry because it is highly lucrative. However, just like any other business running a successful vapor store Australia is challenging. Inventory management is one big factor. You need to invest in the best vape juices Australia whether you have an online store or own a brick and mortar vape shop. 

Choosing the right E-Liquid can allow you to get a steady flow of income, but on the contrary, if the inventory is not appealing to the buyers then it will only collect dust on the shelves. After all, who wants a dead inventory? Dead inventory will make it difficult for you to earn profit and handling different expenses of the business will also become a nightmare.

To run a profitable vape shop you need to understand that vaping fashion changes constantly and new products are being introduced every now and then. So, choosing the right products is key. Let’s see how you can choose the right products for your vape shop and enjoy the long term benefits of the vaping business.


Know The trending range of hottest vape products:


As discussed earlier, vaping products are introduced every now and then in the market so listing a few products will do no good. We will go through a few proven methods to find the right products that appeal to the customers of your vape shop. We will also discuss how to choose the right vape juice from the wholesaler so your vape shop business can execute smoothly.


Take help from social media:

There are some influential vapers on social media and you must spend some time on Reddit, Instagram, and YouTube to search for them. Look for vapers who have many followers on these social platforms and start some active discussions with them. Simply stocking a product that is advertised by a popular YouTuber is not going to do any good. Many manufacturers of vaping products pay for such videos and social media placement. So, the popular YouTuber won’t say anything negative regarding the product. In fact, check videos, discussions, and images of products that are generating an unusual amount of user engagement because that is the E Juice which is loved by the people genuinely. You will also know which vape products are not liked by the audience. Users also discuss the negative points here. So, you know which E juice you should let go of.


Know what the reviewers are saying:

If you have identified a premium E liquid Australia then read reviews on it. Some reviews are paid but there are some websites that are unbiased about giving a review on a particular product. They only give genuine information. For example, License to Vape is a place to get an adequate picture of the product’s pros and cons. If a particular product is gaining attention on social media and reviewers are talking good things about it then your vape shop customers will ask you about the particular product.

Buying and negotiating:


If you are looking for bulk flavour concentrates Australia, you should always look for wholesalers in Australia only because they know all legislation issues, so your half of the queries can be solved before diving into it. There are several other benefits choosing a vape shop supplies wholesale like the delivery will be on time too. Chinese manufacturers deal with anyone who can buy their products in bulk and for buying directly there is no need to get a wholesaler license. Chinese manufacturers employ salespeople who get a commission from the deals they produce.  However, when you choose to buy products from a domestic wholesaler then actually the wholesaler is communicating with the overseas salespeople on your behalf. If you can wait for the delivery then it is best to contact the manufacturers on your own and negotiate on some deals. When you buy in bulk from Chinese sellers, getting a perfect price will not be so easy, but a domestic wholesaler will sell you products at a cheap price.


E liquid and vaping machine are different from each other:

As a vape shop owner, you need to understand that the sales pattern for vaping machines and E liquid is different from each other. A new mod or tank will gain some hype on social media for some time and then it will fade away. If the product is good the sales will be high else it won’t give any profit. 

E liquid doesn’t generate a lot of hype and a customer will not ask you for the latest E liquid. The customer will just scan the shelves and choose what looks good. This is a chance to sell the leftover stock. Make sure you display everything properly and if some customer is new they can buy anything that looks appealing to them. So, you can pitch them something you are looking to sell eagerly.


Collecting data on everything:

The POS system can help you find out what is new and trending. Just do a little data mining and you will learn about the popular E liquid nicotine strengths at the vape shop. Check what vaping products your customers prefer and what features customers are looking for in the vaping devices. Run a loyalty program to reward customers for repeated sales. This will help you make sure that you always have the best E Liquid Australia for your loyal customers. Do some analysis to find out what customers can ask from you in the future and be prepared to meet their needs.

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