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Usually, wood pellets are used for cooking and outdoor activities. People prefer these pellets because they are eco-friendly, biomass, and produce less ash as compared to other fuels. The ash of wood pellets can be used in the gardens as it a big source of alkalinity. The lime is present in the ash that can maintain the pH of the soil.

Use the wood pellets instead of other fuel and large wood lags. Order the wood pellets from dkbrænde, according to your desire size and use them in outdoor activities. Place your stove in the lawns backyard and feel the mild smell of smoke.

What are Wood Pellets?

The small pieces of woodchips are used to make wood pellets. After passing through a series of high pressure and heat, wood pellets are formed. Different types of wood are used to form the wood pellets. The wood pellets are easy to store as they can be packed in small plastic bags.

Hardwood and Softwood:

It’s a hot debate topic whether to choose hardwood for the formation of wood pellets, or softwood. The softwood burnt easily but didn’t give heat consistently. Hardwood provides more stable heat as compared to softwood. The other reason to choose hardwood is the natural smoke of wood pellets. The hardwood will give a stable and great source of energy.

Best wood pellets for cooking at home:

Whenever you are going to choose the wood pellets, several flavours are ranging from mild apple flavour to strong hickory flavour. Sometimes you might be confused in the selection of wood pellets. My first and foremost preference is to choose the wood pellets from the below list.

For Burgers: If you want to give a strong smoke smell in a short cooking time, use the hickory and mesquite wood pellets.

Pork Ribs: For the cooking of pork ribs, more preferable types of wood pellets are cherry and Mesquite.

Pulled pork: Most probably the hickory is the best choice. But the apple, cherry, and Mesquite are great as well.

Brisket: Always go with a strong smell of smoke when you cook big meat. Choose Hickory and Mesquite wood pellets.

Chicken: If you are going to cook chicken, go with lighter flavours. Choose the apple and maple wood pellets.

Veggies: The veggies are cooked in a short time so try to use the strong smoke of Mesquite or Hickory.

Steaks: I love pecan, cherry, and Mesquite for steaks.

Salmons: Ah! You are going to eat Salmons. Use lighter smoke to enjoy the real and natural taste of salmons.

Whole Turkey: Don’t go with strong smoke here. Try to use the mild smoke of apple, cherry, and make a mixture of both.

Pizza: One and only Pecan pellets are the best for it.

Wrapping it up:

Try to choose the wood pellets that can give natural flavour to your dishes. If you don’t want to purchase the wood pellets, make them at home with raw materials. Rather than using large wood lags, the wood pellets are a more efficient source of heat.

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