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  • Written by Diana Smith

The value of a car is determined based on several factors and its age is just one of them. Naturally, depreciation significantly affects personal vehicles, but we’ve all seen 10-year-old cars looking and running much better than their counterparts that are half their age. So, what is it that makes older cars run so well and what can we do to get the most out of our vehicles? Regular body maintenance from Elite Campbell is the best thing that you have to do. In this way, this will help your car's life longer and work better. Here are some tips you should seriously consider if you can’t afford buying a new car any time soon.

Refer to the user’s manual

Your car came with a user’s manual, in which you can find all the relevant instructions and recommendations related to car maintenance of that particular model. Whatever you may hear or read that differs from the content of the manual should be disregarded. Namely, every vehicle type is different, and we should trust the manufacturer to know better than anyone how to look after a car. Nobody expects you to memorize everything you read, but you should familiarize yourself with the manual and refer to it occasionally.

Maximum vs recommended

You’ll find some maintenance instruction that are not so specific. For example, when it comes to changing oil, most manufacturers recommend you do it somewhere between 5,000 and 10,000 miles. The range is quite big, and you need to understand that replacing it at closer to 5,000 miles is much better for your car in the long run. It is more expensive and labor-intensive, but you’ll help your car prolong its life if you do it more often.

Small parts vs major service

Older cars often reach a point where servicing them becomes ineffective. You’re supposed to invest more and more money, but you’re neither boosting the car’s resale value, nor its performance. To avoid finding yourself in such a situation, it’s recommended you install quality parts as the old ones start underperforming, rather than wait for some other parts to start malfunctioning before you take your car to a mechanic for a major service. So, next time you notice your trusted Subaru is having problems, opt for quality parts, such as Perrin autoparts, and don’t wait for a major service to have all the faulty parts replaced at once in order to save money. Chances are your car will break down before you make it to the shop.

Looking after tires

Your tires affect the health of your wheels, fuel consumption and, most importantly, how much control you have behind the wheel. That’s why they need to be in prime condition at all times. To begin with, make sure you regularly check the tire pressure and that your tires are always properly inflated. Next, replace the tires at regular intervals and always use appropriate tires for the season in which you’re driving. Finally, you might want to rotate your tires in order to avoid your tires getting worn out at a different pace.

Watch how you drive

It’s actually amazing how much the way we drive affects the condition of our car. If you are prone to tailgating, you increase the chances of collision. On the other hand, cruising helps your fuel consumption and allows your car to stay fresh for longer. If you like to brake sharply, your tires will deteriorate more quickly, and you’ll have to replace the brakes sooner than necessary.

Keeping it clean

Washing your car makes it look nice and aids longevity by cleaning away contaminants that cause corrosion. It’s especially important to practice this routine in the winter to remove water, dirt, rust and grime that form rust, as well as the salt, which keeps the pavement ice-free, but is notorious for eating holes straight through metal parts.Therefore, you need to wash your car regularly and use only products specifically designed to be used on cars.

These are just some of the basic tips related to maintenance and making your car last longer. Every piece of equipment and machinery eventually becomes unusable, but there is a great difference between making the most out of it and shortening it life significantly. So, if you want to have a reliable car for as long as possible, make sure you follow these and other tips recommended by the manufacturer and your mechanic. Of course, it’s much better to invest in prevention and be proactive than to respond and react to problems and you should do exactly that: look after your car if you want it to serve you well for many years.

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