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The perfect domain name is imperative to your online success. It may not seem like much, but your extension is the first impression customers experience when they come across your brand. And in the rapid-fire, short-attention span world of the Internet, this impression must be good.

Therefore, you need a captivatingly succinct extension to ensure your customers like and remember to visit your website.

But how can you be sure you’ve chosen the perfect extension? There are so many varieties to choose from and little margin for error, so let’s take a look at a seven point checklist to ensure that you get the perfect extension from the get-go:

  1. Make it unique

The perfect domain names are always unique. After all, you’re marketing your brand, so you want it to stick out amongst the competition and gain the edge over similar brands. The first thing to do is think about what you and your customers would like to enter: does it have an elegant aesthetic? Or, do you think it’s a little mediocre? You will know when you have a great extension - simply take your time to come up with it!

  1. Brainstorm ideas

Choose five or more keywords or phrases that reflect your website. Write them down and mix them around to come up with a stylish and unique extension that your customers will love!

  1. Don’t make it tricky

There aren’t many souls in this world that get a kick out of typing confusing, long-winded extensions into the Google search bar. Therefore, if you follow just one tiny piece of advice from this blog, please, don’t make it tricky to type! Potential customers will detest having to type out a confusing extension scrawled across a flyer they picked up at your store. They will simply not visit and this will likely be the ruin of your website.

  1. Make in short

Carrying on from the last point, be sure to make your extension short and sweet. There are things on the Internet people simply don’t have a lot of time for and typing out extensions is one of them. They don’t want to spend half a minute typing out your extension and so be sure to make it nice and short and easy to type!

  1. Market it

Your extension must be brandable. After all, it makes up an integral part of your overall brand identity and should be treated as such. It is part of your marketing campaign just like your logo, social media and website, and so it should be one that your customers like and will be happy to type that first time.

  1. Check the online registrar

To ensure that you can actually receive your perfect extension you must check the online registrar to see if it’s already taken. Unfortunately, many domain names, especially those with common extensions like .com have already been taken. Therefore, simply enter your desired name in the online registrar to ensure it hasn’t been taken.

  1. Avoid trademark issues

Although your desired extension may be available, are you sure it is not violating any trademarks that may exist outside of the extension? Your desired extension may impede on another brand’s actual name, so you must check for any trademark issues that may arise when you enlist the extension.

Be sure to follow these essential tips to ensure you choose the perfect extension for your brand and one that the customers will love to visit!

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