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Product launches are big business. That is why companies of all sizes scramble to get the word out about their new product releases, press releases, and what have you. Because the new product or service is going to be one of the most important things for your company for many years to come, you need to make sure that you have every possible opportunity to reach as many prospects as possible with the launch of your new offering. There are many ways to do this, but two of the best are cold calling and email marketing. By focusing on these two forms of marketing, you can make sure that you are reaching the most people possible.

Cold Calling

The first way that you can use these methods to help you gain success with new product releases is by cold calling. This is a simple process that you can use to make sure that you are not only reaching your prospective customers but that you are also putting your message across in a way that will resonate with them. For example, if you were building a new blog for your company's website, you would want to include some sort of testimonial or warning about what you can offer your visitors. This is a great way to give your prospects the information that they will need to know in order to decide whether or not to try your company's products or services. Of course, you do want to do this in a tasteful way and avoid being overly promotional. Otherwise, you could run afoul of the terms of service that most search engines have in place for the search terms that you use.

In-App Notifications

Another way that you can use new product releases to increase customer success is to add an in-app notification. When someone downloads your new offering, you want to provide them with an option that encourages them to read the description of your offering. You can do this by adding a small "buy now" button right within the in-app notification area. This not only gives the prospect the ability to purchase your product as they are ready, but it also shows them that you are thinking of their needs. By providing in-app notifications in various ways throughout the development of your offering, you can easily boost the returns that you receive from each sale that is made as a direct result of your in-app notification.

Improving Customer Experience

Your new product releases should also include several other new features that can help to make your customer experience better. If you notice that people are finding it difficult to contact you or access the support options that you provide, you may want to consider including new contact options or perhaps adding in the ability for your contacts to request a telephone interview. By having a series of short, quick seminars that you can send out via email or even on your phone, you will be able to keep your customers on their toes. They will constantly be able to check in on your support priorities and you will never become negligent in handling their questions and concerns.

Your new product releases should also contain information about how you are going to make changes in the future. You need to be able to communicate these plans clearly to your contacts. You do not want to leave them in the dark about what you have in store for them. You may also want to consider including new product support documentation with each release. This can include everything from an FAQ to support data on any issues that you find that need to be resolved.

Creating Hype

One great way to promote new product releases is to get people talking about them on social media channels. In the gaming industry, this is done on Twitch because that is where the target market frequents. In fact, many companies buy Twitch viewers for content that creates hype around their gaming product.  There are dozens of social media channels that can allow you to quickly and effectively get people excited about your offerings. Some social media venues, like Twitter, allow you to run promotional campaigns right from the Twitter homepage. Others offer the ability to track these campaigns as well so you can see which ones are performing the best.

Early Release

Of course, one of the best ways to get people excited about your new products is to make sure that they are released early. The sooner you can get these out into the marketplace, the better. There is no reason to release new products early if it can seriously hurt your sales. This is why it is so important to work with a social media management company that can provide you with effective strategies and technical expertise to make sure that you get the most out of your marketing efforts.

The Bottom Line

Finally, to boost sales when it comes to new products, you need to make sure that your launch day is nothing short of spectacular. Nothing says "out of the blue" quite so quickly and drastically as a poorly planned and executed product launch. Your day needs to be carefully planned and executed so that you will be able to drive significant traffic to your site. Make sure that you have a well-planned promotional plan in place from the start. This will ensure that your release day is nothing short of a success.

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