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A client portal is a gateway for your clients to collaborate with team members in your business. Users are given access to various digital files, information, and communication through the use of access IDs. Today, many service providers offer web-based client portal services, which act as an intranet link between the company and its client. What’s more is that these portals have incredible features such as file sharing, chats, calendars, and access to other apps.

That said, it is time to share the amazing benefits that come with the use of a client portal in your business.

Makes Communication Easy

Easy communication with your external clients and partners is essential for smooth operations in a business. And this is where a client portal comes in. A reputable one allows you to customize branded emails and send them easily to clients.

Companies can easily customize chat options to communicate with individual clients or a group of clients. And lastly, all communications have notifications to make sure you do not miss messages from clients and partners.

Helps in Collaboration

A client portal with integration features such as file sharing, calendar access, event notifications, and task management tools makes collaboration very easy. Whether it is between the employees or with external clients or partners, your business will enjoy tons of benefits.

The best part is that you can automate some collaboration features such as sending of orders and sharing of invoices at the end of the month to your clients through integration with the right tools. Fortunately, any reputable client portal has integration with dozens of useful tools.

Facilitates Tasks Management

If you share detailed collaboration with clients that involves tasks, then using a task management feature in a client portal is essential. The tasks are accessible to everyone in the group and it is possible to see the process.

For instance, a task management tool will help an architectural firm to split clients’ projects among the team where everyone in the group will see the progress. This avoids work conflicts and allows the smooth running of operations. The clients can also see the progress of their projects when they log in.

Allows Customization Products

Detailed algorithms are used to allow companies to customize their relationship with clients. For instance, a bank uses these gateways to send emails with customized loan interest. But if they want their latest products to reach many clients, they may add them on the top of the common dashboard for clients to see.

Apart from customized information, a reputable client portal helps the company to customize their portal by choosing the kind of integration they want. It could be the use of DropBox, branding your portal, or using a certain mobile app.

Increases Data Security

Secure access to cloud services and file sharing ensure that all data is protected from malicious people. Reputable client portal service providers invest a lot in data security and even use bank standard security protocols. So, your business will never have to deal with complaints of data integrity issues at any one time.


Choosing a reputable client portal will allow your business to enjoy the above benefits and more. Whether it is a business startup or an existing business that wants to upgrade into using these tools, taking enough time to research is very essential. Make a smart decision for your business today.

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