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  • Written by Analisse Weathers

The pandemic has undoubtedly taken a toll on everyone, especially employees and entrepreneurs. The employees were either retrenched or had kept their jobs but did not receive any salary increase or bonuses. On the other hand, the entrepreneurs certainly had dealt with the problematic situation of retrenching their employees or keeping them because the virus massively affected its usual earnings.

So the question arises, is there still room for venturing into a new business in 2021 given the challenges and sufferings the pandemic has caused the people? The answer is yes. As long as people exist, there will always be needs. And as long as there are needs, there will always be demands. Therefore, as long as the orders are there, businesses will still exist to cater to the markets. We would recommend speaking to a business strategist to get you started on the right tracks and show you how you can start your business venture today.

Thus, fret not because it is and will never be too late to start a new business. And to help you with that, written below are the five proven business tips to kickstart your 2021:

Have an Abundance Mindset

It all begins in your mind. If you let the virus affect your mindset, you’ll surely not win your 2021. You must learn to start with the end in mind. Picture a successful business image in your mind because all thoughts precede actions.

If you begin your year with fears, anxieties, and trauma brought about the past year, you’ll get nowhere. These uncertainties will paralyze you, thereby preventing you from achieving your real goal. 2021 is a new opportunity for you to bounce back, begin again, and hit your target.

Thus, believe that abundance will come your way this year, and everything else will follow. Believe that your business will rise again and flourish, earnings will double, and prosperity will be yours.

Set Specific Business Goals

Setting business goals for 2021 is a must. You just can’t continue your business, or worse, put up a new business without laying down all your plans and goals. Otherwise, you’ll end up wasting your resources unnecessarily.

Thus, establish quantifiable goals. Instead of growing your revenue for the year 2021, why not aim to increase your income by 40%. Or instead of planning on venturing into a new business, why not be more specific in saying that you plan on investing in the restaurant business. And lastly, instead of wanting to expand your business, why not plan on growing your business into two more branches in remote areas.

The purpose of setting specific business goals is to help you guide and direct your actions to achieve your desired objective. Vague goals will only confuse you. In contrast, quantifiable goals motivate you to act in a particular manner and never stop until you hit your goal.

Establish a Flexible Payment Collection

Indeed, everyone agrees that revenues or earnings from valued clients are the bread and butter of any business. So if you’re an old-fashioned business person or a novice in the business realm, you must establish a flexible payment collection to entice more clients.

Especially now that it’s quite burdensome and rather unsafe to go outside because of the coronavirus, consumers do their purchasing online. They shop and order food online. So if you still stick to the traditional payment method, customers will be discouraged from purchasing from your store.

Thus, you must learn to adapt to technology. But it’s not as complicated as you think it is because Weave will simplify it for you. It’s a type of software that will provide you various payment methods so you can collect anytime, anywhere. Undeniably, it will be beneficial both to you and your customers.

Take Advantage of Social Media

If you want to thrive in 2021, you must take advantage of social media. With the various unimaginable ways the coronavirus has affected every business and the economy, you will surely need to learn a new skill. And that skill is about mastering the art of marketing or advertising your business and connecting to your client through social media.

These social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, where you get to communicate with your clients through PMs or DMs and post pictures of your merchandise. Further, personal meetups are already out of date since we are in the digital world now. So if you want your business to boom in 2021, embrace change and take advantage of the social media platforms.

Maintain Your Online Presence

It’s enough that you create an online presence. What’s more important is that you must maintain your online presence by consistently posting your business’s on-goings and successes on your chosen social media platform. You may also opt to upload your customer’s positive feedback for others to see and be enticed to try out what you’re selling. And most importantly, never let a day pass without replying to your customers’ questions and inquiries.


The virus may have knocked you down so hard, but it indeed never killed your fighting spirit and enthusiasm for starting a new business. With these five proven business tips, you’ll surely succeed in your business aspirations.

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