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Apart from being home to kangaroos, Australia’s North Gold Coast is an epicurean delight for tourists seeking relaxation amidst ‘thrills and chills’ on their vacation! From widespread beaches with shores having sand as plush and soft as talcum powder to thriving amusement parks for that dizzy, adrenaline rush – the North Gold Coast is literally a gold mine of enjoyment.

But, the biggest attraction to the North Gold Coast in Australia is perhaps is its array of vegetation including herbs, shrubs, and trees that are spread around within private vicinities. Known as prime historic landmarks, heritage trees in Australia’s North Gold Coast are a symbol of pride for historians as well as a reason to commemorate the remnants of preexisting horticulture.

But, the problem occurs for native residents whose yards are constantly overshadowed by towering trunks of trees and invading hedges. Taking care of private plantings is a tedious chore – especially when your vicinity’s beauty depends on subtropical landscapes. Arborists, also known as ‘tree surgeons’, are always on the lookout for immediate hire and restoration of private grounds. But, do you know what to look for when hiring an arborist Northern Gold Coast?

We have mentioned 4 tips that might come in handy before you schedule your annual yard clippings and hire an arborist Northern Gold Coast without looking into their background details.


Is there a certificate for clipping trees and stump removal?

While a license is not required for getting employed, it is essential that one must get enrolled at a professional institution that practices arboriculture in order to earn a certification. The Arboriculture Australia Organization has deemed it mandatory for arborists to register themselves with the institution in order to gain permission as well as experience before seeking employment.

From having enough knowledge regarding the natural cultivation methods of vegetation to the ability to diagnose tree diseases, an arborist’s job is not as easy as it seems. People might think that a certification for practicing the art is uncalled for, but there are plenty of contagious diseases – poison ivy, for example – that poses risks to an arborist during stump or tree removal.

The prime concern for natives living in Northern Gold Coast is to preserve the Australian tree heritage. A certification in arboriculture will not only help a professional arborist gain trust from their recruiters while seeking potential employment but will also guarantee knowledge and experience. Hire an arborist who either has a Certificate III or V in arboriculture to ensure adequate skills and experience along with qualification. But, if you are unable to find one who fits your job requirements or budget, you can always go for an arborist who at least has a Diploma in arboriculture.


Worst-case scenario: What are you going to do when your arborist sues you for the injuries received while climbing your 50ft tall tree in your backyard? Sure, you are not responsible for causing the injury but in addition to hiring a ‘professional arborist to do the job for you’, the culprit tree belonged to your yard!

Hiring a professional and skilled arborist to tend to your yard’s vegetation is not enough, especially when the fees of lawyers are practically sky-high! Hiring an insured party for doing menial labor around the vicinity of your home is not only a wise decision but should be considered mandatory to avoid lawsuits and potential health hazards.

An unskilled arborist can also damage your shrubbery, giving your yard a non-livable appearance that you have to pass by every day! But, apart from unskilled arborists, nobody can predict an injury or damage to surroundings, especially while tending to menial labor.

In order to prevent a potential lawsuit or hospital expenses, make sure that your arborist is not only certified but also insured with liaisons for public liability and workers’ compensation as well.

Apart from self-insurance, your arborist needs to collect a permit or license before treating your land with pesticides or even fertilization. Since pesticides can affect neighboring communities with toxic fumes and allergies, it is necessary that your arborist seeks an official permit is required for certain services.


In current times, you might believe in referrals and hire an arborist that seems pretty professional as condoned by your neighbor. Sure, we all believe in a testimonial made by an individual we trust, but is it worth getting your yard clipped and pruned to a bare landscape?

Instead of following the ‘word of the mouth’, make sure that you hire an arborist whose work is reputed far and wide in the North Gold Coast. Since the coastal area is home to urban vegetation, it is necessary that you hire an arborist whose glimpses of work are available either on request or online for review.


An arborist is usually hired for pruning landscapes, transplanting and dissecting vegetation and providing proper fertilization for cultivation and growth. But, an arborist is also well-versed in stump grinding and removal, tree care, and pest management services.

As per your landscape’s needs, an arborist might be required to bring in insured equipment such as trucks, stump cutters, chain saws, and hydraulic booms as well as labor for assistance. Along with the overhead costs for the provision of services, use of equipment and contractors, your arborist might also charge you for safety insurance.

Before hiring an arborist, make sure all the terms and conditions regarding the nature of hire and requirement of services are on paper. Make sure you hire a professionally insured company if you require multiple services extending to arboriculture. An official company will not only have reputed service insurance, but also an evaluation of bids as per the nature of contract.

A professional contractor will also mention whether the company requires an escrow, advance payment, payment in installments, or complete payment by the end of the job. Make sure the contract has the correct evaluation of bids as per your required landscape services as well as an estimation of the deadline for the completion of the job.


Try to have some knowledge regarding basic gardening and protection of your yard – whether private or public – before hiring an arborist so that you can discuss the nature of services required without any discrepancy. At times, many unskilled or third party vendors might persuade you to seek vegetation cultivation services once every few months. It’s better to hire an arborist from an official company whose services you can trust in – even if you find them endorsed on a random listing such as Craigslist.

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