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Australia has always been among the world's most sought-after travel destinations. Year after year, millions of people travel there to marvel at the scenery, explore museums in the cities, and get blown away by the remarkable variety of exotic animals that call this place home. With breathtaking beach resorts tucked up against mountainous national parks, untamed green isles, culture-rich towns, and more allure than many other countries can even imagine, Australia is a traveler's paradise.

There is so much more outside the major cities, even though most visitors will arrive in Australia from Melbourne or Sydney. Interstate routes are now so conveniently accessible when you arrive in the country, so there’s never been a better time to add more days to your stay in Australia to truly explore this amazing continent. Here are seven cool destinations to add to your Aussie travel bucket list beyond Sydney.


Perth, situated on Australia's west coast, is the world's most isolated metropolis. It is one of the continent's largest cities with the fastest growth rates and is known for its laid-back culture, stunning coastlines, and sunny skies. Traveling from Sydney to Perth by train is one of the most stress-free ways of getting there.

Enjoy the magnificent experience of watching turtles, stingrays, and sharks glide over you in the Aquarium of Western Australia. Visit the Swan Valley Vineyards if you want to taste some of the best wines Australia has to offer or explore the remote bays, beaches, and offshore reefs of Rottnest Island that many swimmers, kayakers, and snorkelers are drawn to.


The wilderness and national parks that comprise 40% of Tasmania are World Heritage Sites. Here, you may ride a bike down a stunning mountain track, relax on the beach, or go for a walk in the wilderness.

Not only outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy Tasmania. Tasmania also boasts incredible food, gin and whiskey distilleries, fantastic festivals, and the Museum of Old and New Art, where you can see world-class art.

Eyre Peninsula

Those seeking an adrenaline rush can play with sea lions or join a shark cage dive off the coast of Port Lincoln on the Eyre Peninsula, which is well-known for its spectacular aquatic activities. Whales and their offspring can also be watched playing behind majestic, wave-ravaged rocks for a quieter yet equally breathtaking experience. Those who enjoy seafood won’t be dissatisfied when they indulge in the Eyre Peninsula's famed oysters and fresh seafood at the community fish market.

Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island is rich in diversity and amazing scenery, including sand dunes, beaches, meandering farmlands, and woodlands. You can expect to see a wide variety of Australian wildlife, including koalas, dolphins, kangaroos, and more. The island also has a variety of opulent eco-resorts that offer a relaxing respite from daily life. This place is undoubtedly among Australia's top vacation spots.


Uluru, also known as Ayers Rock, is one of the largest boulders in the world and a popular tourist destination in Australia. This impressive red monolithic sandstone rock, which is part of the Kata Tjuta National Park, is at least 348 meters high. It is among Australia's top locations for hiking.

Enjoy the beautiful sunset and the scenery surrounding the rocks as they change color. Take a beautiful tribal tour of the area, led by local aboriginal guides and park rangers. Since the mountain is at a great height, be careful when you climb Uluru. Flights to Uluru-Ayers Rock are available from all capital cities in Australia.


Kakadu is home to aboriginal cave paintings and the renowned saltwater crocodile, which makes it another UNESCO World Heritage Site in Australia.

It has everything, including marshes, sandstone escarpments, rivers, billabongs, creeks, wildlife, and native rock art. It is Australia's largest national park, and it is impossible to see it all in one day.

Snowy Mountains In New South Wales

The region of the Snowy Mountains is Australia's premier winter sports location. One of the highest mountains on the continent and home to its sole glacial lake, Mount Kosciuszko is located here, in an area renowned for its pure montane wilderness. There are many ways to have fun in this location, both on and off the snow slopes.

Learn how to ski, snowboard, or snow tube. Get off the hills, and experience Yarrangobilly's historic caverns and towns by taking a picturesque chairlift ride. You can also enjoy some mouthwatering local wines and delectable treats.


From islands to national parks to highlands and cities, here are our top places for you to explore in Australia. Sydney isn’t all that Australia has to offer. For a great trip, ensure you stop by one or all of the cool tourist destinations highlighted in this article.

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