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Is whale watching on your bucket list? Then Hervey Bay is the right place for you, globally accredited as one of the Whale Heritage Sites in the world. It means that they fulfill the benchmarks of exceptional preservation of wildlife dealings and human-whale coexistence.

On top of that, Hervey Bay is three hours away from Brisbane, Queensland. Supposing you land travel, it is worth mentioning that there are good stopovers between Brisbane and Hervey Bay. For instance, the well-known Rainbow Beach, Glasshouse Mountains, and Villages in Montville.

If you are still considering where you want to go, it would be ideal to regard Hervey Bay for your next trip. Whale watching is not the only activity you can do within. The place is also known for its calm waters and wildlife. Thus, here are some best suggestions for your trip to the soul of Hervey Bay.

First Stop

Travelling can make you hungry. To replenish your energy, Cafe Hervey Bay offers a variety of dishes, from a seafood platter to a hearty breakfast. They can even accommodate people who love gluten-free and vegan food.

Drinking beverages such as wine and beers on the oceanfront is the best way to relax after eating. But, if you are a coffee aficionado who values good-tasting Gusto coffee, you can order Mañana, their trademark blend.

They also have a beachside open space ideal for ocean views and sightseeing. It is also worth noting that they strictly adhere to Covid-19 protocols. The staff and owner do not compromise safety to profit.

Parks and Recreations

The moment you arrive in Hervey Bay, you will be amazed by the bright bluish sky and the serene waters. But the fun would not end there since there are varying activities and tourist attractions around the area.

Surprisingly, there are a lot of free parks near the beachfront that you can use for picnics and cookouts. Some parks offer a BBQ area and free tables for visitors. The following are some of the parks in Hervey Bay:

  • Wet Side Water Park

  • Skate Side Park

  • Esa Park

  • All Abilities Playground Hervey Bay Park

  • Nielsen Park

  • Seafront Oval

Adjacent to the picnic area is the Water Park and playgrounds for children and adults to enjoy. Positively, an excellent spot for all ages to use their extra energy. They also have a highly acclaimed museum and historical villages for educational tours.

Fishing And Other Aquatic Activities

As known, traveling is good for your mind and body to release the stress from work. Therefore, let your soul enjoy and replenish in a pleasant, fun environment. There are many activities every walks of life could do in Hervey Bay, ranging from fishing, blue marlin, and summer whiting to seasonal whale watching and scuba diving.

Here are some other aquatic activities you can experience year-round in Hervey Bay:

  • Paddling in the ocean

  • Cruising along the esplanade

  • Snorkeling

  • Kayaking

  • Jetski Tours

Additionally, the local people maintain a tradition in late July and early August, the peak season for whale migration. It is a festival for another year of whale watching season. There is also a seafood festival every August 8.

Fly Me To Fraser

Did you know that there is a much better way to enjoy Hervey Bay? A fifteen-minute to an hour sky-high experience. It greatly depends on the package, but AirFraser offers a great combination of adventures just for you. It ranges from sightseeing sea life such as dolphins, whales, and dugongs to stunning sceneries and shipwrecks around Fraser Island.

Fraser is a beautiful island, not just any island but the biggest sand island in the world. It has a rainforest that grows on the sand itself. In addition, this place is known for its white coastline and hiking trails. It is also worth stating that it is forty-five minutes away from Hervey Bay.

Sunset Esplanade

The esplanade is last on the list, and the locals call it the Charlton Esplanade. It is one of the longest in the country, approximately 17 kilometers from Point Vernon to Urangan Harbor. It is suitable for all walks of life to enjoy biking with friends or taking a walk after eating around.

After an extended period of fun and excitement throughout the day, taking a long walk through the esplanade can be soothing to your soul, especially if the sun is slowly setting on the horizon. It would be most enjoyable to carry your camera at all times when you go there.


Life's a beach is a common term for a good life. In order to slowly build a good and healthy life, it is crucial to take good care of your body and mind. Taking breaks and vacation is ideal for your body to recuperate from everything transpiring in the world.

Maybe it is time for you to check off the things on your bucket list gradually. Life is short for hesitating and regrets. Travel while you can. Catch your own wave, don't wait for the next wave to come.

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