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Whale watching is a unique hobby that provides a lot of unexpected benefits. Whale watching is exactly as it sounds—finding spots around the globe to watch some of the world’s biggest creatures pass you by. There are a number of reasons you should add whale watching to your list of things to do.

  1. It’s Fun for All Ages. Whale watching appeals to older and younger people alike. This can be an independent hobby, or even something you do with a partner. If you have a family, it is a great family activity out on the water. You can base day trips around whale watching, or even a few days at a time.

  1. You Can Quench Your Thirst for Knowledge. There’s a lot to research when whale watching. Which whales might you see? What information do you need to know about them? How can you tell the difference between different whales? Which months can you see the humpback whale in Australia? The killer whales in Canada? The blue whales in California? The more involved you become in whale watching, the more questions and answers you’ll pick up along the way. This can keep your mind active and your senses sharp!

  1. You’ll See the World. Whales follow an annual migration pattern, so they are very easy to find, no matter what month or season it may be. Plenty of websites offer information for a particular whale, so all you need to do is research which spot in the world to visit! Whale watching gives you a great excuse to visit other countries around the world. If you are particularly interested in the humpback whales, for example, Sydney whale watching would be an excellent choice in June or July to catch a spot of these creatures. Maybe you love killer whales? Plenty of orca can be found lurking in Quebec in September. Whales can be spotted literally all over the world, and your options seem endless—California, Mexico, Iceland, Greenland, and more.

  1. You Don’t Need Much. Whale watching is a great activity that doesn’t require too much additional gear. You’ll likely need the regular necessities when on the water—a light jacket, a hat, sunscreen, and sunglasses. It is also a good idea to purchase binoculars, so you can see these beauties in all of their serene glory. If you’re really into whale watching, you might even consider a nice camera, to make sure those memories truly last a lifetime.

This year, when the world allows travel once more, try a day out on the water, truly being one with nature.

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