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Go Green with a Rural Relocation in Australia

Many Aussies work from home and thanks to the Internet, they can choose to live in a rural setting rather than a city. Despite the digital revolution, we humans need an earthy connection with Mother Nature and if you have the freedom and independence of a freelancer, sell your urban home and buy a spread in the country. 

Land acquisition

Of course, you get much more for your dollar when buying real estate outside the cities and towns; there are very affordable land and house packages that tick all the boxes. You can literally move into your new home within weeks of making the offer; search online for the best deals on rural real estate.

Business package

While you could set up a home and be virtually self-sufficient, most people look to combine the relocation with a business venture. It might be a small organic farm with a few greenhouses to grow specific flowers that are in great demand.  If you are looking to set up a small business in a rural setting, there are free resources online; write up a good business plan and crunch the numbers.

Healthy lifestyle

Working from home enables you to enjoy a natural environment; the money you get from the sale of your suburban property is more than enough to buy the place you have in mind. If you have kids, they can either be homeschooled or learn online; there is no reason why you can’t make the change, thanks to digital technology. Living in a rural setting is stress-free and with solar energy, you can be totally self-sufficient and enjoy fresh air and natural beauty. Click here to learn more about landlord insurance if you move into rental property.

Life-changing move

Think about your projected future living and working in the city; a few decades of working in the city followed by a retirement somewhere nice. While there is nothing wrong with that, an alternative is to relocate to a rural location and enjoy life more. If you are making the same salary but living in the country, your cost of living is greatly reduced, which means you can put away money for your retirement. Invest in a top-quality solar energy system and a rainwater harvest system and you are pretty much self-sufficient.

Cheaper Land prices

The more remote, the cheaper the land and with a decent 4WD vehicle, you can live almost anywhere. Take your time when looking at rural land and house packages and you will find something that ticks all your boxes. Australia is a huge country, so you have a lot of regions to choose from; of course, a lot depends on your preferences and needs.

Working as a freelance

If you register with the Australian government as self-employed, you can file your own tax returns and maintain your own business accounts.

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