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The primary compensation that real estate agents charge every time they’re able to sell a piece of property is the commission. Some home sellers think this is a huge expense which they’d rather not pay, so they decide to do for sale by owner (FSBO) for their properties. If they opt to do this, they’re able to keep the money they would have paid to a real estate agent. But what these sellers don’t realize is they might have lost a more considerable amount of money by not getting a real estate agent.

There are different percentage rates of commission paid out to real estate agents from one state to another. You can check out this site if you want to compare commission rates. It’s the same in the United States and most other countries.

If you want to know more about real estate commissions and how much is paid, you might want to read more.

Real Estate Commission 101

Real estate agents usually have years of experience in selling real estate properties. Most of them can help you in looking for different kinds of properties such as penthouses, mansions, 5-bedroom homes, townhouses, multiple-family dwellings, apartment buildings, condominiums, and even rowhouses. They’ve also dealt with a good number of people such as client sellers, buyers, appraisers, valuation firms, real estate agents, brokers, agencies, home insurers, contractors, and marketers. Most of them have vast experience in selling real estate. 

Because of their expertise, real estate agents can contribute value-added service to your efforts to sell your real estate property for the highest price possible. They’re also able to give timely recommendations about what improvements you can do to your home before you put it up for listing so you can ask for a higher price. 

Aside from their know-how, they also have access to a wide network of platforms, listings, marketers, and their fellow real estate agents who can spread the word about your property. When they find a suitable buyer at the right price, they’d also have to sort out the paperwork for the sale and transfer of title to the buyer. If the buyer or their agent wants to negotiate over the price or certain things about the sale, your real estate agent most often takes care of that for you, too.

Tiered Commission

Sometimes, the home seller creates an incentive scheme for the real estate agent so they’d exert more effort to sell the property at the highest price possible. This is called the tiered commission.

The structure of the tiered commission functions in such a way that real estate agents are motivated to sell the property they’ve been hired to sell at the highest price possible. In a tiered commission, the rate of commission that a real estate agent would receive increases as the amount of the final sale price increases.

The home seller and the real estate agent usually agree on the terms of the tiered commission during the initial negotiations on the agreement to hire the services of the agent. They agree on a sliding scale, and the agent’s commission goes higher on this scale with the final price that the agent can fetch for the property being sold. This is some sort of a bonus system adopted by home sellers and agents. Sometimes, the commission is lumped in the final price so the buyer ends up paying for it.

For example, a home seller can agree that the real estate agent should sell the home seller’s property for a price ranging from USD$930,000 up to USD$990,000. They can agree that the agent would get a commission of 1.75% if the property is sold anywhere between USD$930,000 to USD$950,000. If the property is sold between USD$950,000 up to USD$970,000, the agent would get a commission of 1.9%. 

If the property is sold between USD$970,000 up to USD$990,000, the agent will receive a commission of 1.9% plus an extra 2.5% on anything above USD$990,000. But if the property is sold above USD$1,000,000, the agent will receive 1.9% plus 5% of anything above USD$990,000.

Fixed Fees

The other kind of fee is called the flat fee, otherwise known as the fixed commission. The rate of applicable flat commission is different from one state to another. It’s usually based on the specific percentage rate which has been set in the specific state where the property for sale is located. With a flat fee or fixed commission, the percentage of commission that’d be paid to the real estate agent doesn’t depend on the final price at which the real estate property was sold.


Real estate agents charge different kinds of fees for their efforts in selling a real estate property. The main fee that they charge for successfully selling a property is the commission. These commissions can be simple percentages, flat or fixed commissions, or tiered commissions. The percentage rate of commissions varies from one state to another. Real estate agents also charge you other fees if they did a few other things for you such as additional marketing efforts. You should ask your agent before signing up which costs would be charged to you.

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