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Sometimes a sea change or a tree change is the breath of fresh air that you need. We can get a bit stale, stagnant and dormant when we stay in one spot for too long - this applies to physical locations as well as jobs and states of mind. It can pay off to uproot and begin your life anew in a new place. So, if you’re thinking about a big move, consider Sydney, which is one of the world’s most liveable cities. The town has a vibrant culture, plenty of job opportunities, a thriving nightlife and has the natural beauty of New South Wales surrounding it. But moving cities is a big task, and it’s not a task that you should undertake unprepared. Let’s check out the Sydney-sider switch and explore a guide to moving to this brilliant jewel of a city.

Find a Place to Live

The first step to moving to Australia’s first ever city is to find yourself a place to call home. If you’re in the market for a property, consider some Sydney house and land packages. Building new has many advantages over buying a permanent home, including the luxury of brand new appliances, flooring and fittings. Also, existing homes can sometimes have hidden flaws and quirks which can become expensive to repair, so don’t run the risk and buy new instead.

If you’re not in a position to buy a house and land package, that’s fine. In that case, you’ll need to find a rental house, unit or apartment. The type of rental you’ll need is dependant on you and your family - if you’re a large household with a few kids, a house will suit you better than an apartment, where a small flat would suit a young single couple to a tee.

Line up a Job

Most capital cities aren’t the cheapest places to live, and that’s alright because you are surrounded by culture, activities, sights to see and a high standard of living. So to afford your Sydney sea change, you’ll want to line up a job in advance. Apply for roles that suit your experience, skills and passion. Going for jobs in Sydney may mean a few flights up and back while you interview. If this isn’t practical (or affordable, flights can get expensive), then suggest Skype or online interviews with your prospective employers. If they are interested in you as a candidate, they will happily meet with you online or even offer to fly you up on their bill.

Book Your Removalists

Once you’ve found a new home in Sydney and have your job lined up, it’s time to book the removalists. Some companies specialise in interstate moves and will be able to ferry your belongings across the border with ease. A removalist is the most stress-free way to get your things from A to Sydney, but if you’re making a move on a shoestring, you could consider hiring a truck or a van and doing the big drive yourself. You’ll save a bunch of money as you only need to pay for a few days of hire for the vehicle and the fuel, but remember you’ll do all the heavy lifting and shifting yourself.

An Adventurous Conclusion

The change to Sydney is a big move, but it is achievable. Line up your new residence first, by either buying a house and land package or finding a suitable rental. Then begin your hunt for that plum job in Sydney. Finally, book some removalists or consider hiring a moving truck or van yourself. The next thing you know you’ll begin your new life in Australia’s most beautiful city.

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