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Baremetal servers are computers that are designed to operate dedicated services without the downtime. They are designed to be highly durable and stable, ensuring they operate for extended periods of time without any hurdles.

Baremetal servers are a “single tenant environment”, meaning the server’s resources are only shared by the one tenant and not two or more tenants - this alleviates the risk of downtime due to using a shared server and also very reliable for hosting large amounts of data.

In baremetal servers, you have direct server access and this comes with awesome advantages. This is great for small businesses as you can create your own platform that will host an application or service whilst having plenty of options available at your disposal.

Baremetal servers don’t have the need to use plenty of software, with direct hardware access enhancing the server’s performance. Baremetal servers are customisable in the way you want them to be and won’t be inhibited by shared tenants.

What’s more, they are highly affordable, and provide an awesome investment return. Here are some more things you should know about baremetal servers and why they are totally worth the investment.

  1. They work at rapid speed

Baremetal servers are renowned for their high performance capacity. They offer the best performance among all enterprise-grade servers and are well-known for their reliability.

They are awesome for host websites, game servers, virtual machines, databases, mobile application backend and eCommerce sites. If your workload requires super-fast scaling, baremetal servers are not so easy to work with scale as cloud servers. This being said, they are the most powerful for the price, making them a great option for small business owners.

  1. They are highly flexible

Baremetal servers have the luxury of having numerous configurations and are highly customisable. Even baremetal servers with a lower power capacity can easily support a popular website with high traffic.

  1. They offer service management

Managing a server requires knowledge of server security, operating systems and server service. However, baremetal services often come with a management program that provides round-the-clock customer support.

  1. They are great for scaling

Whilst they may not be as efficient as cloud servers when it comes to scaling, they do provide both horizontal (scaling out) and vertical (scaling-up) capabilities. Vertical scaling is when your company moves to a more powerful server. Migrating between servers is not a difficult undertaking, and vertical scaling shouldn’t cause too many problems (if any at all!).

Conversely, horizontal scaling is for deploying additional servers that are able to take on some of the trouble. If you originally hosted your content management system on a single server and you can increase its load, it may be necessary to move the database across to a new server.

  1. They are compatible with Windows

Windows is typically an important part of everyday digital business. Baremetal servers are highly compatible with the Windows Server and you can choose the preferred version of Windows Server on any baremetal server.

Essentially, baremetal servers are a great option for small businesses. They are highly flexible, reliable and powerful, being able to handle the daily tasks and extra occurrences that happen with running a business both online and in person.

If you have been considering a new server, one that can handle your daily business operations whilst being highly scalable, then perhaps it’s time to consider making the baremetal server switch.

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