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It is undeniable that gaming mice are one of the most important gaming accessory that a gamer needs. The movement of their fingers on the gaming mice is very important especially for those who play computer or a game that requires precision and moving the mouse rapidly over the screen can make them lose the game they are playing. Although there are several gaming mice in the market, it is important to know which ones are made specifically for speed gaming. This will ensure that you enjoy gaming to the fullest without feeling like you are pressed to the limit or getting your fingers to work double time just to click the right button.

There are three types of gaming mice: optical, laser and multi-button. Each of these three has its own specifications, but basically, laser and multi-button mice are responsive while others are sensitive. With the responsive ones, it is easier for gamers to move the mouse; however, the laser and multi-button ones give that full gaming feel with extra sensitivity. Click here to learn more.

Some gaming mice also have a thumb stick which can be used to control the buttons of the mouse aside from using the optical sensor. Those who prefer a lightweight may find the thumb-stick control keys inconvenient since it could take up more space on the desk while some may find its smoothness to be a wonderful added feature. It is however recommended that you look for a gaming mouse with an optical sensor as the thumb stick for convenience and comfort.

Some gaming mice also offer higher DPI and a higher polling rate when compared to others. In choosing among these two features, it is essential to consider the type of gaming that you do so you can ensure that you get the best ones. High DPI means that the mouse can move very fast and provide sharp movements, while a higher Polling rate tells the device when to move as well as how fast it moves. It is therefore ideal for people who love to play first person shooter games.

Another feature that you should check on is the presence of a backlighting system in the mouse. In fact, these days' gaming mice come with a special LED that illuminates the buttons and other functions of the mouse. With the LED backlighting, the mouse will be much more responsive to the slightest movements and actions of the user. The light emitted by the LED is similar to that of a laser pointer and can be adjusted to suit your preference.

The last thing to check on is the programmable buttons. Most gaming mice have one programmable button and one stick that allow the user to set different levels of sensitivity. This kind of feature is great for those who are looking for the best sensitivity level. However, the DPI of the programmable buttons may be a bit low. If you want to go for a higher dpi, then it may be necessary that you look for other options that offer a wider range of programmable buttons and a better sensitivity range.

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