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Air conditioner maintenance and repair is an invaluable service, especially in a hot country like Australia. Even a small number of hours without properly working AC can create an incredibly uncomfortable living or working environment, which is why choosing reputable and dependable a/c repair services is absolutely essential for all concerned.

But the question is how can you choose the best AC repair service? It’s quite a crowded marketplace, so what helps set the good providers apart from the mediocre and bad ones?

1. Knowledge of Many Brands and System Types

Being able to service all brands of evaporative cooling systems, as well as other types of air conditioning is the first good sign. Comprehensive skills means that one company can handle all of your needs regardless of what different AC you might have across different living or workplace properties.

Wider experience with different brands and types of AC means more knowledge as to what can go wrong with each one, how to diagnose their problems and what the best practices are in maintaining and repairing each type. Having a more focused specialisation can have its benefits, too, but the broader picture is that wider knowledge is still best.

2. Knowledge and Experience in Installation

Those who install AC systems are also invariably the best candidates when it comes to choosing qualified repair professionals. Why? As we touched on in the previous point, those with the knowledge and experience in installing these systems have a much more detailed and intricate knowledge of how the systems work. It’s knowledge “from the ground up,” so to speak.

Therefore, it’s a good idea to favour those enterprises that deal in installation as well as repair. Even if they weren’t the ones who installed your current system, they will be aware of how it should look, and can thus also point out errors and weaknesses in your installation using their own knowhow and experience.

3. A Stellar Online Reputation

Next, there’s no beating a good online reputation when it comes to selecting repair services. You can do a simple Google search to see what others are saying about them online, or they may even publish their own reviews through third-party apps on their website. Don’t forget to also check their social media accounts, especially Facebook and LinkedIn. Those companies that don’t publish reviews on their own platform may get them in the form of negative comments on social media. It’s worth a careful and close look to learn more.

4. Fully Licensed

Whichever state or territory of Australia you’re operating in, you should know that HVAC technicians and mechanics are a well-regulated industry. To hopefully protect people from the “cowboys” out there, there are strict rules regarding licensing and qualifications that are necessary to become an air conditioning and refrigeration specialist in each state.

Those with the proper qualifications usually make no bones about showing these off via their website and social media, and displayed proudly on the wall in a very visible location in their brick-and-mortar shop if they operate one. If any supplier makes a fuss about showing you their credentials, it’s likely because they don’t have them. Steer well clear.

5. They Give You Full and Detailed Estimates and Speak Plainly

Finally, reputable and good AC repair professionals will speak in plain and easy-to-understand language, explaining and showing you in detail about what needs to be done and why. Their estimates will be fully itemised and costed, revealing all estimated costs to deliver the most accurate numbers possible, which in turn removes surprises later on.

Stay away from those who speak in vague terms or jargon and who make wild financial guesses with no detail to back them up.

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