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Owning a pool is a dream come true for many people. Cleaning and maintaining it is another story altogether. Pool maintenance is crucial if you want to avoid health hazards and harm to the environment. Cleaning regularly also means that your Family fibreglass swimming poolwhich you invested so much in, will last longer. Cleaning can be challenging, but there are some useful, handy cleaning tips that you can bank on to own a hygienic pool.

Tip #1 - Chemical Levels Should be Monitored

It is important to understand and keep a watch on your pool's chemical levels. Chemical imbalances that make your pool water murky can be a hotbed for bacteria. As a result, you and your family could suffer from skin and eye issues. Testing your pool water at least once every week is a good habit to clean your fibreglass pool. During the months you are not using the pool, you may test it once a month. Assessing the following is key for the cleanliness of your pool:

  • Chlorine Level - Ideal chlorine levels should be between 1ppm (parts per million) and 2ppm to keep your pool germ and bacteria free.

  • The hardness of Calcium - Calcium levels should be around 175 ppm to 225 ppm.

  • Acid and Alkaline pH Levels -The pH levels in your pool should be neutral, with a minimal amount of alkali. This results in your safety and is enough to activate chlorine. The range of pH of pool water should be between 7.2 and 7.6 ppm. These levels prevent health issues for swimmers as well as pool corrosion. A higher pH will cause a reduction in the activity level of chlorine. Total alkalinity balances your pool's pH level. This should typically be in the range of 100 ppm and 150 ppm.

You may be wondering how to test your pool water. This is simple enough. When your pool is installed, you will be given strips for testing and a kit. Alternatively, you can buy these from any pool store. You can take a jar filled with water from your pool and have it tested too. Fibreglass pools with ideal chemical levels will be odorless, seem clear, and won't have any residue.

Tip #2 - Water Levels Should be Monitored

Checking the physical levels of the water is very necessary. These have a role to play in the chemistry of your pool's water. Wind, sun, children splashing about, and heavy rainfall can all cause the water levels to fluctuate. Keeping the level of water halfway up to the opening of the skimmer is the ideal level in your fibreglass pool. If the level is too low, you can add some with a hose. In case it's too high, you can drain it out using the valve on your filter. Heavy rainfall and kids splashing in water tend to dilute the chemicals in water, throwing them off balance. The goal, then, is to maintain chemical balance through sufficient water levels.

Tip #3 - Self-cleaning Pools Offer Great Cleaning

Bet you had no clue that you can purchase pools that come with mechanisms to clean themselves. Perfect for pool owners who are busy and don't have the time or patience to see to cleaning, fibreglass pool come installed with this. While choosing your pool, you may want to check with the company whether the manufacturer offers this kind of cleaning system. Pools come preinstalled with embedded floor nozzles that rest flush while the pool is being used. During cleaning, the nozzles rise upwards and produce energizing water jets so the pool is cleaned from bottom to top. This ensures cleaning of the total pool area, without a spot being missed, instead of just a layer that other cleaning devices achieve.

No chemical imbalance occurs through this type of cleansing as chemicals are returned to the pool through the jets. Nonetheless, you still need to run through checks and balances of chemicals on a regular basis. Still, you will have a lot less work on your plate than if you didn't have a self-cleaning mechanism.

Tip #4 - A Pool Service Should be Done Annually

Even though your fibreglass pool may be in ship-shape, it helps to have an expert examine it once in a way. A professional is equipped with the knowledge to service your pool's mechanical parts in a way that you can't. Heating systems, filters, pumps, etc, need tending to. You need a professional to endorse that these are in proper working condition. For instance, water pumps have Orings that need to be lubricated appropriately. If you have been noticing odd things, make a note of these to point out to the pool expert.

Tip #5 - Clean Pool Parts

The component that helps your pool stay clean is the filter of the pool. You can backwash the filter to see that every portion of it is clean and running at its best. The filter regularly filters leaves, debris and dirt from your pool. Some of these may get caught in the filter, so the filter has to be cleaned routinely. If you don't, your fibreglass pool risks its filter unable to filter out additional dirt in cleaning sessions. Water can't pass through and the filter won't suck out dirt.

If you have a sand filter, a regular backwash will clean it very well. Do this once every month, but depending on how much dirt your pool collects, people ted to do this once a fortnight. The sand filter isn't hard to clean and you can do it by turning some valves. The whole process is just five minutes long. When the water flows in the opposite direction through your filter, back washing occurs. In case you have a cartridge filter, cartridges will have to be removed and physically cleaned. You can call in a pool technician if you are unsure of doing this yourself.

Besides the filters, you must clean the skimmer baskets (that gather all the debris and leaves) that are located poolside. Check these often, as the timely collection of debris will ensure that your filter doesn't get clogged. See that the pumps are clean too. All pumps have a lint and hair pot that dirt collects in. This has a transparent lid, so you can make out once it's full. The timely cleaning of your pool is a necessity, and it's the least you can do if you want to see the fruits of your investment in your fibreglass pool.

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