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Find out the top 10 notorious (and common) pests that infest your home during winter!

Did you know that pests are more human-like than you think? Yes, you read it right! As the winter arrives, so is the time for these notorious nuisance pests to seek shelter – basically for food and warmth just like any other Sydneysiders.  It is also quite easy to get paranoid from thinking about what could be hibernating inside and around the perimeters of your home. However, other than knowing the telltale signs of winter infestation, it is essential to identify the kind of pests that might sneak in and intrude during the cold weather.
Also, one should never hesitate to call in the reliable Pest Control Sydney Experts for professional pest extermination! Remember, early prevention and quick counteraction is the key to effectively cope with infestation brought about by these winter pests.

Getting to Know What Winter Pests Are Eager to Invade Your Home

Take a peek on the list of what might intrude over the coming months!

Rodents (House Mice and Norway Rats)
One of the topmost encountered winter pests is house mice and Norway rats. Did you know that they are most prevalent during fall and winter compared to other seasons? It is because rodents don't hibernate at all. They actively spend the cold days inside your house to forage, seek warmth, and avoid predators. Should you wish to find out more, contact PestIT - pest control.

Unlike rodents, most species of cockroach go into a hibernation-like state. They prefer to make a habitat in warm places where there's a great source of food and water. However, they remain active regardless of the cold temperature, to eat, and also to reproduce.

This pest can also be your problem during the cold season because their winter activity is just the same as the rodents. They never rest at all or hibernate and continuously eat away on every wooden structure they can find. They can take over the whole place: skirting boards, door and window frames, closets, and so on. Finding a convenient pest control service that you can count on is one of the best preventive measures you can take. You don't have to wait until your indoors are falling into pieces. At the very first sign, make your call and set an appointment to keep your home safe. So make sure to check on the firewood you've stacked to make use of warming up your home cozy on a chilly winter night. You'll never know, termites might already be lurking - ready to infest and destroy your residence!

They are typically known to invade your home during the warmer months, but they also seek refuge once the temperature starts to drop. Even though spiders tend to be less active during winter, they still pose a threat as nuisance pests.

Searching for sustenance, ants are also one of the pests that may cause infestation problems during winter. But worry no more, because there are simple ant prevention tips you can do today to eliminate them!

Did you know that these cold-blooded pests are drawn to moisture-prone areas like the basement, attics, and bathrooms? Yes, that is why they are most prevalent during winter because they love the temperature of the cold season.

During the cold season, they tend to sneak-in and be able to find ways to be a nuisance, particularly the black-legged tick (who loves temperature that's above freezing point).

Another stowaway wherein you have to keep your guard up is the Aphid. Though they are not as dangerous as the other pests, they can considerably do some damage to your household.

Most insects love to move into your home and stay warm. These are the common winter bugs you have to keep out:

*  Ladybugs
*  Beetles
*  Asian Lady Beetle
*  Stink Bugs
*  Box Elders

Wildlife Pests
Winter invaders are not only comprised of common nuisance pests like the ones mentioned earlier. Other wildlife creatures may cause problems not only on the outside of your home but can potentially attempt to come inside. Among the wildlife pests, you're most likely to encounter are raccoons, possums, fox, squirrel, rabbits, chipmunks and so much more.

Many of these top 10 pests, unfortunately, become very active during the cold season; though still most of them are commonly a nuisance all year long! It is important for every homeowner to be on the lookout for these pests and to ensure guaranteed effective home proofing Safe Pest Control is here to assist you!

For more information about our service, contact us at 1300 119 085 and get to enjoy FREE estimates! Send us your inquiries to info@safepestcontrol.net and avail affordable deals!

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