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Nothing can be more frustrating than a clogged drain. It slows you down on hectic days and busy schedules when the shower, toilet, or kitchen sinks take a lot of time to drain. For a blocked drain, the first thing we do is plunging or adding chemicals to clean the drain without damaging the pipes.

However, these solutions do not always fix the problem. When the clogging materials are in high amounts, plunging does not work, rather it can damage the pipeline. Using a liquid chemical is not still useful because the harsh chemicals make the pipeline weak. While buying a drain cleaner, you should read the elements because different companies have distinct formulations.

If you are tired of using traditional solutions then its time to try something different and effective. Whether or not you are going through the stressful condition of a clogged drain, you should read this article for an unaccepted event. So hang on with us to do away the most irritating problem with our top solutions for a clogged drain.


If you do not want to use poisonous chemicals, then baking soda and vinegar are the perfect alternatives. When you take the same amount of baking soda and vinegar, it will start bubbling that shows a sign of a chemical reaction, and the combination acts as a concentrated cleaning solution.

Baking soda and vinegar solution for cleaning the blocked drain is an old home remedy. It is helpful, but when the blockage is severe, home remedies do not work. In such a situation, you need professional help like a plumber central coast.

For this method, take half a cup of baking soda and vinegar, immediately pour it down the drain. The fizzing action of the solution will remove the dirt, hair, food particles, or any other substance from the drain. After following this technique, you can leave the sink overnight for better results. The next morning you can flush the drain with boiling water.


A plunger is a need of every household. They are available in different sizes and shapes. For the toilet, you will need a flanged plunger, while sink plungers can be small or large. Large plungers work more efficiently because they have more suction capability. Before starting the plunging, remove the metal filter from the sink. The faster you will perform plunging motion, and the better section will create to remove the dirt.

Toilet plungers have a flanged rubber on them, which plays the most significant role in the successful unclogging of the toilet. While doing the fast in and out motion, the plunger can often dislodge.


It is the most comfortable and least expensive way of cleaning a clogged drain. For this method, you can place an electric kettle or a kettle on the stove to boil water. While the water boils, remove the standing water from the sink with the help of any pot or mug. Pour boiled water immediately in the sink.

If this technique does not work the first time, you can try it again. As compared to other methods, you need to implement this one several times to clear your clogged drain.

You can make this technique a routine practice. Whenever you make tea or boil pasta, you can pour the remaining water into the sink. It not only acts as a solution but when you follow this method in a routine, it becomes a preventive measure also.


Sometimes the reason for drain clogging is the blockage of the trap, which is a U shaped pipe. The sink trap prevents the movement of sewer gases in and out of the house. The main reason for blockage is the shape of the trap. In this method, you first need to open the hatch and set a bucket under it. For opening it, you need the right tool that is an adjustable pipe wrench. After opening, you will clean the trap.


When boiling water alone does not work efficiently, you can use salt with it. In this method, first, you will remove the standing water from the sink. After removing the water, you will add a half cup of salt down the drain and leave it for a few minutes. In the end, flush the drain with hot water to clean the salt.

Salt acts as a scrubbing, scouring, and cleaning agent. It helps with dirt removal and the stinky smell of the drain.


This method may sound simple, but it is a highly effective method to clean a clogged drain. In this technique first, you will take the hanger’s wire and unbend it. Once the hanger is straight, you will straight an end to get the hook shape. Put the hook in the drain and take out all kinds of dirt. Remember, you have to pull all the clogging material. After cleaning the drain, you can use boiling water to clear the remaining fragments of the dirt.


If you want to clean the drain without making manual efforts, then the wet and dry vacuum method should be your first preference. For this technique first, you will clear all the water from the sink, then create a tight seal on the drain to prevent mess. You can use the rubber plunger for better results.

Once you turn on the vacuum at high speed, it will draw all the dirt and clogging material from the pipe into the vacuum bag. However, this technique is not always practical, but it may be worth a try.


In this technique, you will take 1/4 cup of dish detergent and pour boiling water afterward. The detergent will work as a lubricant, cleaning the greasy particles from the drain. If required, you can do plunging after the procedure.


For this method, you will require rubber gloves for your protection. As here, you will deal with caustic soda, also called sodium hydroxide. Sodium hydroxide can give you severe chemical burns if you do not follow the protective measures.

Take 3/4 gallons of cold water in a bucket and add 3 cups of sodium hydroxide in it. When you pour, it will begin fizzing and heating up. Put the solution into the drain only for 30 minutes, then flush the waste with boiling water, and if it does not work for the first time, you can repeat the procedure.


After cleaning the drain, you also need to do the regular maintenance of it by pouring hot water every week. You can also clean the drain with the help of baking soda and vinegar every month. If you do not have time for home remedies, then you should at least call a plumber for a regular check-up of leaks and clogs, to avoid alarming situations. professional plumbers can cost between $50 to $250 per hour

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