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To buy a profitable and successful cafe for sale you need to know how to analyze it. A cafe for sale can be a great investment and a profitable business that can make you good money. What's important is knowing how to review that cafe for sale and to make good decisions.

Here are 8 things you need to know when buying a cafe for sale

  1. Profit

How much money is the cafe for sale actually making? There are so many cafes for sale across Australia and all of them have different price points and are making different profits. It's important to really understand the financials of the cafe for sale so you can make an informed decision. You only want to buy a cafe if it is going to be a good business investment.

  1. Location

Foot traffic is extremely important when buying a cafe for sale. You need that regular person visiting the cafe at 2 pm as well as 10 so that the sales stay consistent and regular. If the cafe for sale is located in an obscure location or doesn't have regular clientele from offices, job sites, universities etc. Then you will be spending a lot of money trying to obtain customers - which can become costly!

You can find a cafe for sale in just about any capital city or major town in Australia such as a cafe for sale in Melbourne.

  1. Suppliers

Who is supplying your products? Where does the coffee come from in the cafe for sale? Are there signed agreements to continually buy the coffee, do you have any flexibility? The same applies to cups and other consumables. You want to know where it is coming from, how much it will cost you per month and if it has any effect on the bottom line.

  1. Staff

There is such a shortage of staff in the hospitality industry at the moment. If you are buying a cafe for sale, make sure it has trained staff who will stay on after you bought the business. If you have no experience in hospitality then you need to make sure you can surround yourself with team members who do.

  1. Contracts

Every business tends to have contracts or some agreement. Make sure you find the contracts for the cafe for sale, so that you know what is happening and what liabilities you are taking on as the new buyer.

  1. Lease Agreements

These are extremely important in the hospitality industry especially if you are buying a cafe for sale. You need to have a good lease in place to ensure the continued success of the business. So check the lease agreements and make sure it is favorable for you as a buyer.

  1. Licenses

Make sure the cafe has the correct licenses to operate. This includes local council zoning and use of areas such as outdoor seating as well as food health and safety authority. You want to make sure the cafe for sale is operating under the correct conditions.

  1. Reviews

Make sure the cafe has good reviews! Or at least you can salvage what has been happening. The reputation of a cafe for sale is very important. You need to have a happy clientele in order to continue making sales and run a profitable business.


Buying a cafe for sale is a great venture for a business owner. Whether you're looking for your first or third business for sale, it's great you have the opportunity. Don't go into the deal without a professional and always obtain advice such as a business broker.

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