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If you want to take your passion for cooking to the next level and turn it into a career, enrol in a Certificate III or IV in Commercial Cookery programme. If you are not sure if this is the correct path for you, here is a list of seven reasons to persuade you to pursue a career in this field.

It is a growth industry job.

The hotel industry in countries has been rapidly expanding. Thus, creating several career opportunities for qualified chefs who can manage and train workers, prepare exceptional dishes, and run the kitchen while keeping the restaurant's standard. If you are a trained chef, numerous star restaurants are eager to hire you. You will work in the hotel and culinary industries after obtaining a certificate iii commercial cookery.

It is creative

To keep offering an engaging experience for clients, this job necessitates a high level of inventiveness to design new dishes and innovate as much as possible. Therefore, if you have creative abilities and enjoy trying new things, a job in this field could be ideal for you.

Global career opportunity

If you want to see as much as possible, a job in this area is a terrific option. There will always be someone who needs a cook, no matter where you are. Furthermore, depending on where you work, you may be able to work various hours, as some restaurants are open late at night and others only early in the morning.


Another reason to consider learning commercial cookery is the independence it might provide you. As a chef, you have the opportunity to run your kitchen and open your restaurant. In addition, if you have specialized in a certain cuisine, you can either focus your restaurant on that cuisine or provide various cuisines of your choice.

Versatile working condition

With a certificate iii commercial cookery, you will be able to set your working hours and circumstances. Statistics show that 44 per cent of individuals in this industry work between 30 and 40 hours every week. This is a fantastic sector to work in because it is extremely flexible and allows you to have complete control. 

Share your passion for cuisine.

One of the most compelling reasons to become a chef is to share your passion for cuisine with others. Working as a chef can be difficult, and it is a fast-paced setting with a lot of pressure, but it can be a very fulfilling career if you enjoy cooking.

Financial optimization

Even though part of being a professional cook necessitates working long hours, the financial opportunities in this field are steadily growing. According to reliable figures, the hospitality industry anticipates more economic activity in the next few years, implying that pay rates will rise in due course.

Bottom line

This course equips students with the necessary skills and information to launch a career as a chef or cook. Individuals are taught fundamental techniques and abilities required for making a variety of foods and efficient operation in a busy kitchen.

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