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Luxury is a word that has different meanings. To some, it means something expensive, and others view it as an asset. But one thing is true: luxury watches always have a high price tag with quality parts. Most brands offer high-end timepieces because they have been creating them for over a century. However, getting one online has its setbacks. 

It is easy to find a luxury watch online and check the price tag. The catch is whether the store is authentic, authorized, or certified. This is why some watch enthusiasts are wary of some models posted online.  

Consider these four factors when getting luxury watches online.  

Researching Availability and Information

Authorized online stores like GS Philippines always have up-to-date information. Being a trusted source, watch enthusiasts and customers prefer to shop on sites with verified facts. For example, a watch can be available online but unavailable in stores. This is where your decision-making comes into play.  

If you find a watch online, it is best to contact customer service. They can check their inventory to ensure that the available product is there. You can also do a cross-check in case of unavailability.

Watch Movements

Being a luxury product, watch movements are crucial to any timepiece. There are two movements, namely mechanical and quartz.  

The difference is that the manual requires you to wind the watch each time. On the other hand, quartz can work independently, relying on a battery for power. Furthermore, quartz watches are easier to maintain compared to mechanical watches. Consider the watch’s movement along with the brand when choosing one. It is up to you if you want to be hands-on with your watch or let the timepiece do the work. 


Budget is an important factor. Since these products are high-end, the price will vary. It can change due to the brand, model, and material.  

Budgeting for a luxury watch is necessary, as you will use it on special occasions. You can get brands like Grand Seiko, with choices like Omega and Rolex. Sometimes, people can get pre-owned luxury watches. Having a pre-owned watch is a way to save while owning a piece of luxury. Some vintage watches can also be luxury watches, as some models are no longer available. 


Authenticity is the most tricky aspect of luxury watches. Each watch manufactured has a unique serial code, year of manufacturing, and certification. You see this information on the watch’s box. An authentic watch is the basis of owning a genuine luxury product. 

When looking for luxury watches online, check the reviews, store, and fine print. Some sellers could sell counterfeit or aftermarket watches despite selling them as luxury. Be extra careful, as the price might be unusually high. If you buy a luxury watch online, go to a professional appraiser. They will let you know if the watch you bought is real. Always verify the authenticity and information first before buying online.

Wrapping Up

Buying luxury watches online made it easy to get the watch you want. However, it also thrived in an online market of counterfeit or aftermarket watches. Be careful with what you buy online and purchase at official websites instead. It will protect you from an expensive purchase and time spent. In short, be a responsible online shopper. 

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