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Makeup can look awful when foundation and power sticks onto dead skin creating a cakey look. It’s not the makeup process itself that makes us delay our schedule, but most of the time, it’s fixing the makeup issues that could have been done quickly, that make us late for our dates and events. Clarifier has come up with an excellent solution through its top selling exfoliant free of acids and scrubs. Clarifier is a scientific skin lab brand featuring the latest technologies to help people manage modern life a lot more easily through simple steps. Clarifier is famous for its 2-step scientific skin exfoliation to remove dead skin and activate new skin. The first step is its hydro exfoliation.

Hydro exfoliation refers to the exfoliating process that’s completely through a hydro action without scrubs or acids. Traditional skin exfoliants are made with scrubs that can cause micro tears, and some new skin exfoliants are made with acids that can easily cause skin irritation and make sensitive skin worse. So the issue to resolve dead skin problems seems to be never resolved. Hydro exfoliation transforms dead skin into easily fallen off softened flakes due to the enzymes called Keratease. This proprietary ingredient solves all the problems at once - effectively remove dead skin, free from acids and free from scrubs.

NO FACE Skincare has received numerous positive reviews since the launch of Clarifier on its platform. Many beauty lovers have called it their go to skin brand for rough skin texture and dull skin appearance.

Influencers and celebrities are starting a challenge to create flawless look using Clarifier Hydro Exfoliator in just under 60 seconds. It’s easy to see that dead skin comes off in just under 15 seconds as they gently rub against their skin, mainly around the nose and on the forehead. After around 40 seconds, some start to wipe away the dead skin using FacePal, which is made of FaceFibers, a new microfiber that reaches deep pores for decongestion. The result is phenomenal. One influencer instantly screamed with surprise that so much dead skin has come off.

Dead skin instantly comes off with Clarifier Hydro Exfoliator

Most people can remove the dead skin completely under 60 seconds. Men can spend a bit longer initially as they generally have thicker top layer skin, but after a few exfoliation sessions the texture became visibly softened.

According to dermatologists, exfoliation isn't just for mature and oily skin types. Even if you have sensitive skin, you would still have dead skin built up around the pores, and it's important to remove them. It's just a matter of how, rather than why. Shedding dead skin is a natural process for everyone, and it takes around 28 days for the surface skin to shed, but they don't always shed evenly, leaving some of them trapped in pores or just attached on the surface, resulting in uneven texture and skin tone. Most people would go for an acid exfoliant as they've become readily available in the market, however, acids such as AHA and BHA can irritate the skin and cause harm to already sensitive skin types, and further damage the skin barrier for sensitive skin, resulting in hyperpigmentation and serious skin problems. Scrubs were used for many years until new research proved that they can scratch the skin surface and cause microbial imbalance and micro tears, making the skin more prone to uv damage and spots. If you have occasional breakouts, then you should be even more careful not to use scrubs as they can encourage bacterial growth and spread. Choose a gentle keratin attaching exfoliant that's acid and scrub free, such as Clarifier Hydro Exfoliator, with or without makeup, your skin would be much more clarified.

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