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  • Written by Cara Barilla

There’s always a hidden gem in every town; someone that adds a little bit more greatness to their community. This feature story depicts passion, sacrifice and true hope for greatness not only for the community, but touching hearts and leaving a legacy behind into each care home & nursing home which Mrs Silvana Gittani touches. 

When Silvana Gittani bought Abbotsford Family pharmacy She was already eager to build on her business foundation, for continuity within her customers and thier family. 

Silvana thrives in integrity with whomever she meets and to share greatness in their life, clients home struggles and to be a part of the journey, not just a point of access. “People come and go but there were four individuals who lived in a group home in ashfield who were everything to me” states Mrs Gittani. 

It was the only “group home” she looked after. Four guys, with different degrees of disability, made the biggest difference to silvana’s world and how she ties in her compassion within the pharmaceutical industry. 

Every week Mrs Gittani did a delivery to this home, managed by Ash, and every week they were greeted with a warm hello and welcome, which always left a mark on the people who were cared for in the home.

Mrs Gittani found much reward which would sometimes lead to an argument between the staff as to whom would be the one to service and visit the four individuals in the Ashfield home. “It was always wonderful” responded Mrs Gittani. 

The welcoming nature of the staff from Abbotsford family pharmacy is effortless. They had asked the individuals to visit Abbotsford Family pharmacy for a Christmas lunch. 
“I was hoping for a yes and They said YES!!” Responded Mrs Gittani.

“The four people shaped our pharmacy like no one will ever know.”

The staff had moved shelves and chairs and redesigned the area for that one day, the day that Peter, Glen, Joseph and Angelos would finally come to see the team at work. When their van pulled up outside the AFP team were in tears of joy. It was the most humbling and wonderful moment and was a moment to never forget. “We became family”. Stated Mrs Gittani. 

The team at Abbotsford family pharmacy step outside all comfort zones within their working schedule to move, welcome and leave a piece of unconditional service to people whom they come across. 

“I am a big believer in that when you share a meal with someone you become much more than friends.” Depicts Mrs Gittani. 

The courteous care of the staff who looked after these four people was unexpected. 

As the gentlemen had limited mobility and significant disability, the carers had vital roles to uphold and finished the job leaving smiles of comfort and care from their clients.

From physically mincing the food to popping bonbons, recreational out-of-the-box care; The staff were easily portrayed as “walking angels”. 

The foundation of Abbotsford Family Pharmacy was grown from passion towards this particular avenue of work which rose from that day tenfold. 

Mrs Silvana Gittani knew the direction they would take. AFP would soon become a pharmacy that is open to all, as always, and one that is especially equipped to provide services in the community to those less mobile, less able, who need extra support and help.

Abbotsford Family Pharmacy has grown to encompass more people who need the provision of pharmacy services. They create websterpaks to help the staff manage medication management; In which they always meet the highest possible standards. Each pack is checked and rechecked. The staff undertakes regular medication checks and audits.

 “Quality is at the forefront of every decision we make.” 

Individuals in aged care facilities such as nursing homes are frail yet have the same needs as everyone else. AFP have created a boutique pharmacy that caters for the needs of these people. They provide a 24 hour emergency hotline for those in need. For anyone who has ever needed medication and the pharmacy is closed.
“How can I turn my back on someone in a nursing home? I can’t.” Emphasises Mrs Gittani. 

The pharmacy is constantly “on call”. There has been times that we have been called after midnight for urgent medication.

 “I don’t remember a Sunday without a phone call from a nurse or carer asking for help. We always help. Why? We get more out of it than anyone can imagine.”

There is continuity of care. There is a bond, an unspoken language between the APF staff and the residents. These residents are considered the residents of the Pharmacy. AFP opens their doors and their hearts to special individuals in need. Regularly the staff at AFP walks around the nursing homes smiling as They see their faces and can recognise their names and individual story. 

The websterpaks provided by AFP meets the demand and always with a smile. 

“Nothing comes close to the satisfaction I have knowing that I have done an amazing job and have provided them with the utmost of care.”
When I pull up my car outside any facility or group home I always get this funny feeling of being part of something bigger than me, something amazing. A team, a dream , a life and a heart that is beating. What could be better?” Remarked Mrs Gittani. 

 Mrs Gittani’s 3 children: Alexis, Christopher and Patrick have also come to learn and appreciate what being in a pharmacy like ours means. They often visit group homes and nursing homes and meet the people. Mrs Gittani always encourage them to meet the people and to say hello. 

Abbotsford Family Pharmacy is a special place that is married and committed to continuity of care. AFP does not stop. If a medication is not available, the team will find it, retrieve it and if they can’t find it they can make it in their compounding laboratory. When someone is not well the staff will provide medication with speed and accuracy. The AFP staff regularly visits their clients, takes extra time care and unconditional duty to ensure satisfaction within each individual. The AFP websterpaks are of highest quality as we don’t compromise on quality. “Only the best will do.” States Mrs Gittani. 

 As The Team of Abbotsford Family Pharmacy continues to grow a special relationship within each nursing home or special needs facility; They have not only created a special business of unconditional presence and quality; They have exchanged their own individual heartfelt gift of care to each individual they come Across. 

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