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Electricity is an important part of modern life. It also plays a significant role in the Australian economy. Humans have been using oil lamps and candles to illuminate the darkness in the last few decades. Today, with the discovery of electricity, it has become easier for people to perform their daily activities.

Electricity in our Lives

Electricity fuels a wide range of devices used for food storage and preparation. Before, we cooked food using coal or wood, but nowadays, electric devices such as stoves and ovens exist. These make food preparation easier. Also, we use electricity in other aspects of our lives such as in healthcare and even entertainment. Moreover, electricity has transformed our daily lives for the better. We may not be aware of it, but we use electricity in most of our daily tasks.

Electricity rates in Adelaide

Several factors influence wholesale energy prices. Carbon prices, temperature, and currency fluctuations affect electricity rates heavily. In South Australia, especially in Adelaide, electricity rates usually cost between 30 to 40 cents per kilowatt-hour of electricity consumed.

These costs already include the “transferable expenses” that energy retailers have, such as transmission and distribution costs. In fact, these transferable expenses account for up to 43% of your monthly power bill. If you're paying your energy bill, remember that you're paying for much more than just the electricity you use.

Tips for Reducing Electricity Bills

Here are a few tips to bear in mind if you’re worried about your electric bill.

Consider installing energy-efficient light globes instead of light bulbs. Light bulbs contribute a surprising amount to homeowners' bills, especially if they are old halogen light bulbs.

Insulation is also an effective way to improve homeowners' energy efficiency because insulation helps reduce heating and cooling costs.

Adjust the settings of some appliances and you will see the difference on the electric bill. Ensure the fridge is not running too cold and the television isn’t too bright. Moreover, use any eco settings on clothes dryers, dishwashers, air conditioners, and washing machines whenever possible.

Last, but not least, compare electricity providers. People could save by shopping around for a better deal. Electric companies are constantly changing their products and prices and, while homeowners may have received a good deal when they signed up, it might be a different story one year later.


Everyone loves using electricity – but it’s safe to say that most of us all hate paying too much for it! The cost of electricity in Adelaide is affected by several factors, and varies depending on the provider.

Whether you can afford to pay the bill on time, make sure to conserve energy. It is the best thing people can do to appreciate electricity and care for the environment.

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