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Carpet cleaning is really important to help in keeping the carpets look new and fresh. Cleaning the carpet frequently needs to be on the priority list. Recollect the last time you got your carpets cleaned. If you are like other people, it is not a thought that comes to your head very often. There may be times when you looked at your carpet and that thought flashed into your head, but it vanished quickly to other more important things going on in your life. Carpet Cleaning Adelaide should no longer be a yearly event or an occasional cleaning. Below we have discussed some tips on Carpet Cleaning that will help to keep your carpets look new.

1. Clean The Carpets In Six Months

To get the grime hiding in the fibres of the carpet you have to ensure that you clean the carpets every six months. Just give a thought to the dirt that is coming into your house during summer, all the twigs and leaves that are dragged through the door during autumn,  the ice and snowmelt that enters onto the floors during winter and all the Pollen that find its way into the carpet during spring. If you go for a Carpet cleaning every six months, you will be able to knock out all that grime each and every time and leave your carpet spotless and smelling new. Furthermore specialised carpet repair will only be needed when it's really necessary.

2. Spills Are Not To Be Rubbed

The first reaction for all of us when anytime anything is split is to take a towel and start rubbing. You think that you are doing an excellent job cleaning up the spill, but the truth is that you are helping that stain soak into the carpet fibres more. Blotting of the stain is something you should do instead. Ball up a cotton towel or a paper towel and start blotting over the spill top. Start from the borders of the stain and move to the middle. It will keep the stain remaining small and not spread as you are trying hard to clean it.

3. Pay Extra Attention To High Traffic Areas

All homes have areas that are travelled more than others. With such areas being used more, you have to monitor and keep those areas cleaner also. In such areas carpets start showing wear and tear due to constant use, and stains show up as well. Better to vacuum and treat the stains as soon as they are visible to keep the carpet look new. The ocassional cleaning will significantly prolong the life of your carpets & allow you to reach out to carpet repair experts far more rarely.

4. Buy a Vacuum

If you have pets or kids, you need to handle the pet hair and other items so buy a strong handheld vacuum to do the cleaning. Do not skimp on the vacuum, as the performance of the vacuum is what determines how clean your carpet is.


There are several methods to clean a carpet. You can buy rental machines from the grocery store or local home improvement stores. There are professionals that visit your home and deep clean your carpet. Just decide what will suit you and your pocket and go with that.

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