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  • Written by Hassan Ahmad

When it comes to weight, weight loss isn’t the weight related goal which people aspire to achieve. It’s important to maintain the Basal metabolic rate of the body to make sure that you use the perfect amount of calories to fulfill your diet. There are a number of different goals one might want to achieve and have on their plates at the same time and also in a very short duration. Loss of weight and gain of muscle is one of the most popularly coupled goals of an individual. And when a number of goals are combined, a number of factors are to be taken into account as well. Adult women usually talk about calories, proportions and macronutrients in such a case. To precisely sustain their needs of calories, they can use BMR calculator for women. It will help them to only use the calories those will not affect their weight. Let’s look into more details.

Learn more about calories

Women around the globe has been considering either calories or either macros for the purpose of weight loss. However, the smart ones blend the two for the purpose of achievement of both weight loss and gains.

Weight is simply lost when a person eats lesser calories than those that are burnt. But how those calories are burnt matters greatly. People might eat fewer calories and end up looking skinny instead of healthy. If your goal is to tone your body and the purpose is not only to burn fat but also convert the fat into muscle, then you need to take into account not only the calorie number but also the adequate amount of macronutrients or macros that your body requires for this purpose. For this, let us look into the details for macros.

What are macronutrients?

Macronutrients are the nutrients which are required by the body in high amounts and concentrations. When classified, there are 2 in particular: Carbohydrates and proteins. Each of these carbohydrate has its own distinct function in the body and each one of them provides the body with a specific supply of energy.

How Much Proteins Use Should Use

Starting off with proteins which are considered as the ‘’most’’ important for the loss of weight. Proteins make up many structures of the body. They are used for the build-up of tissues. Proteins are also important because they make up both enzymes and hormones in the body. They are present on the cell membranes acting as carrier and channel proteins to allow some of the substances to move through the membranes while blocking the others.

Along with this, proteins are also said to make up muscle mass due to which, high importance is given to them. For people who want to lose weight, about 25-30% of their diet should be protein. For many years, this misconception has been in people’s mind that if they want to lose weight, they should say NO to fats completely. However, this is a mere misconception as fats tend to protect the organs, provide as a rich source of energy along with insulation to the body.
For people who want to lose weight, unsaturated fat is usually preferred for them to consume.

Carbohydrates Intake

Carbohydrate is a very rich source of energy for the body therefore, eliminating it completely out of the diet would be a big mistake. These play a vital role to maintain BMR levels.
Carbohydrate provides a bulk of energy to the brain. For people who intend on losing weight, lower glycemic carbohydrate sources are usually preferred. In the case when you want to lose weight and gain lean muscle mass, here are the steps you should go through: Know the amount of calories that you need to achieve your goal. This is very important for the purpose of weight loss.

There are different number of calories required for weight loss, weight gain and also weight maintenance. For the purpose of achieving perfect BMR with a high percentage of muscle mass, it is required that one eats a protein rich diet. Proteins build up the muscle mass and end up toning the body.

Macros are also based on the body type you have. Now instead of using each calculator individually, this one gives you a proper plan to help you achieve your fitness goal, i.e. weight loss and muscle gain along with the details for your proportions. These calculator are highly precise and accurate and helps you calculate everything all in one in just a very easy manner within a matter of seconds. The calculator asks for the following things to calculate for you, your required information. The information about your gender, weight, height and also your age. Your activity level (Includes not only the daily activities but also the exercise you might do for weight loss and muscle gain).

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