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If you are determined to opt for surgery to ease your pain and gain physical strength and function, then you must prepare for it. We have collected a few things you must take care of before you finally go to the operation theatre for your spinal surgery. 

Listen to your Doctor

The most important thing to do before spinal surgery is to listen to your doctor. Despite your research on your condition, your doctor knows more than you do. So, do whatever he thinks is best for you. If you have any doubts, clear them with your doctor. The best suggestions lay with him, not your friends or family. Doctors like Timothy Steel could be a real relief for you to help you with your spine problems. 

Physical activity is important

It might be challenging for you to be able to walk around with pain in your spine. However, try to move your body as much as you comfortably can. It helps avoid the stiffness of your muscles. If you would completely stop functioning, it will only become harder for you to be able to move, which is only worse. 

Schedule a preoperative testing

You might have to go through various urine and blood tests before your surgery, so make sure you make an appointment for those before any delays. You will also have to visit your doctor before your surgery to go through the details once again. You might also need to donate your blood before the surgery because it is very efficient in many cases. 

Educate yourself about your condition, procedure, and recovery

Though listening to your doctor is essential, you must know about your condition. You must also be aware of why it happened and its symptoms. Surgery is a big decision, and you must be entirely sure of it before you go for it. Learn about the types of spinal surgery, and it’s alternatives, procedure, and the recovery time and methods. It will only help you be confident. 

You should be able to reach the necessities

You will be prescribed bed rest after the surgery, and you need to make sure where you will be spending your post-surgery time. Then, you must set the place to make sure you have an easy time. Whatever things you might need during your bedrest like your meds, your sheets, toiletries, you must keep them within reach of your bed. 

Grab a grabber and toilet riser

These are the two essential things you must buy yourself before you go in for the surgery. Grabber is a long pole with an efficient handle that lets you pick up anything that drops or things that you forgot to keep within your reach before the operation. Also, pick up a toilet riser, which helps raise your toilet seat to stop you from bending

Buy slip-on shoes

One thing that you need to order right away if you have finalized the date of your operation is your slip-on. You do not want to bend down to tie your shoes or sandals all the time. Your boots need to be comfortable and easy to wear. If you already have them, get them out and put them beside your bed. 

Shift to a bedroom on the ground floor

If you live on the first floor or above, you should consider cleaning and setting a room on the ground floor. You should not be walking up or down the stairs after spinal surgery. If you live in an apartment that does not have a comfortable lift, you must consider shifting with a family member or a friend. 

Make sure you can easily access some fun stuff

You will be spending a lot of time in your bed after surgery also since you will be in pain, so it will be essential for you to keep yourself busy in some fun stuff. So, grab some magazines or a good novel on your side table if you can arrange a TV and buy some movies to watch during your time on the bed. 

Meal prep

You would need to eat healthy food after the surgery. So, consult your doctor about this and prepare your easy to heat meals for a couple of weeks at least and put them in your freezer. If you like to eat freshly cooked food, then ask a friend or family member to help you with food after your surgery. 

Involve your family

One of the best things you can do for yourself is to involve your family in the whole process. Talk to them, tell them your fears and doubts, and make sure they help you come to a decision. Then, ask for their help. You might want to move in with them, or it might be easier for them to move in with you to help you with recovery right after your surgery. 

Consider hiring a caretaker

If your family is unable to come over and help you while you are bedridden, you should consider hiring a caretaker. If you are young and you can prepare your home for a post-surgery time, then you got this. However, if you are scared, or you are a little old to do everything on your own, then hire a caretaker without thinking twice. 

Do not compromise on your medications and rest

It might be challenging to take all your medications, but you have to take care of them. You must not compromise and be lazy about the medicines or it will only worsen your situation. Also, remember to take some rest. You will be on your bed after the surgery but you need to have enough sleep and peace of mind for a better recovery. 

Make sure to use furniture right for your back

We all like super soft and comfortable bedding and sofas in our homes. However, they are not suitable for spines, especially if your spine is in bad condition and needs surgery. For post-surgery, you must change your beddings and choose the hard ones and a chair or sofa that has a hard surface. 


One thing to help you sleep better and rest better is meditation. Also, it helps you stay calm and cope up with the pain, so it is beneficial in all. 

Remember that it is essential to know when you should opt for the surgery. It is not an easy decision and requires a lot of thought and talk with your doctor. If there is an alternative, you should always try it first, and to conclude this helpful article here with an ultimate guide to spinal surgery for your better understanding. Good Luck! 

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