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If you have a growing family and lead a busy lifestyle, then it can often be tough to make the best health and wellness choices that will keep you all feeling in the greatest of shape and prepared to tackle whatever challenges that life throws your way. It is all too easy to slip back into an unhealthy diet and exercise regime, even if you start the week with the best of intentions. However, even if your kids and partner are not onside with your proposed diet and fitness overhaul, there are subtle and clever ways that you can begin to make a few changes without them even realising.

First and foremost, you need to decide which areas of your family diet or lifestyle that you want to address. Remember to choose wisely, as you will not be able to tackle more than one at a time. From reducing the number of calories of the amount of salt that you consume in your food, to replacing soda and diet drinks with water, or even trying to make your entire family lose a few kilos, pick which area of your home life that you want to address and begin by making a few changes to help you all feel happier, healthier and fitter. From replacing your weekly takeout favourites with home cooked alternatives, or even reducing the number of sweet treats that you keep at home, start small, and you will win your battles, even the most stubborn of kids, big or small, will cave in.

Healthy eating begins at home

The key to drawing up a new healthy eating plan for your family, and ensuring that you all stick to it, is getting seriously organised. Be sure to keep your fridge and cupboards bursting with healthy options and replace biscuits with rice cakes or low-calorie snacks for your kids and family members to enjoy. Make sure that you keep your home full of fresh fruit and vegetable crudités that can be grabbed in a hurry, perfect for active kids that are looking for a post-school snack, or a post-workout refuel for you. Try to only shop once a week and load your supermarket trolley full of leafy greens and seasonal fruit for a balanced diet. Getting organised will make sure that you can plan and prepare accordingly, keeping you all on track for the entire week. If you usually add shop bought sauces or condiments to your food or enjoy the odd takeaway, then it is time to get back in the kitchen and enjoy experimenting with flavours. From making your own curries using coconut milk and lemongrass or delicious stir-fries with noodles, you can whip up home-cooked versions of your usual go-to takeaway meals for a fraction of the cost. Plus, the chances are that your family will hardly notice the difference! Plus, cooking and getting creative is the ideal way to encourage your kids to get into the kitchen and learn more about food and making healthy meal choices too.

Get a checkup

Can you remember the last time that your entire family visited the doctor or dentist for a checkup? If the answer is no, then it is high time that you booked your entire clan in for a routine visit, to check that their height, weight and oral health is the very best that it can be. When you are visiting the doctor, make sure that you also discuss any aches or pains that are causing you to concern or worry, or maybe your kids are displaying changes in their mood or behaviour that are causing you concern. Once you have visited the doctor, be sure to stop by the dentist also. Professionals such as 123 Dental can help you to have healthier, whiter teeth and a beautiful smile in no time. Be sure to get your oral hygiene also checked to ensure that there are no buildups of plaque that could be causing bad breath or a discoloured smile. Once you have all had an overall health check, you will be able to up your efforts to get you all in the best health and fitness possible.

Get active

If your family usually switch off at the thought of exercise or even breaking a sweat, then you may need to rethink how you can all enjoy getting up and active. Plus, exercise is known for boosting the number of happy hormones, or endorphins, that course around your body, helping you all to get an instant mood boost. You may find it easier than you might think to get up and out of the house, try setting off on a family bike ride or a hike at the weekends, or leave the car at home and walk to the shops when you need to pick up a few groceries. If your family are truly allergic to exercise, then you can start small, set yourselves daily targets to reach each day, such as running up and down the stairs or completing your household chores, as any movement will help you all to burn calories.

Even if your family is completely switched off by the thought of living a healthier and more active lifestyle, there are still some subtle changes you can make to help introduce better habits into your household routine. From planning your meals and stocking the fridge with fruit and vegetables, to welcoming the kids into the kitchen to help you cook up your favourite weekend meals – the chances are that your family will even prefer the home cooked versions over shop bought ready meals. Next, make sure that you all visit the doctor or dentist to ensure that your overall health and oral hygiene is the best that it possibly can be. Finally, make sure that you all get outdoors and active; by trying family activities such as a hike or bike ride. You can even get active and energetic by completing your household chores too. So, make sure that you get organised and you will soon have a happier and healthier household.

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