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In the journey of life, the footprints we leave behind are the legacies that define our essence and values.

For animal lovers, these footprints can support creatures that cannot plead their cause but are in dire need of protection and care. Making a change in your will to support animal shelters is a profound way to ensure your compassion for animals extends far beyond your lifetime, offering a beacon of hope to every animal in danger. This gesture not only amplifies the impact of animal shelters but also cements your legacy as a guardian of the voiceless.

The plight of animals

Every year, millions of animals find themselves in peril due to abandonment, cruelty, and natural disasters. Animal shelters and rescue organizations stretch their resources thin to provide sanctuary, medical care, and a chance at a new life for these vulnerable beings. However, the overwhelming number of animals in need and the constant financial strain limit what they can achieve. Your decision to include an animal shelter in your will can be a lifeline for these organizations, enabling them to expand their reach and enhance their services.

A lasting gift of compassion

Including an animal shelter in your will is a lasting gift that reflects your compassion and values. It’s a statement that you care deeply about the welfare of all creatures and believe in the sanctity of their lives. This legacy of kindness will continue to resonate, saving lives and providing care for countless animals in need, long after you're gone. It’s a powerful way to ensure that your love for animals translates into tangible support that can make a real difference.

The impact on animal shelters

The financial support garnered through wills can be transformative for animal shelters. It can lead to the improvement of facilities, the expansion of rescue operations, and the provision of comprehensive medical treatments. Furthermore, it can support spay and neuter programs that prevent future overpopulation and suffering. For many shelters, these donations are the backbone of their funding, allowing them to confidently plan and commit to long-term projects that further their mission.

Inspiring others

Supporting animal shelters through your will can inspire others to consider similar acts of kindness. It raises awareness about the needs of animal shelters and the critical role they play in the community. Your decision can spark conversations among friends, family, and acquaintances about the importance of supporting animal welfare and may encourage them to take action in their own lives.

The emotional and ethical dimensions

Deciding to leave a part of your estate to animal shelters is not only a financial decision but also an emotional and ethical one. It’s a reflection of your ethical stance on animal rights and welfare. This decision can offer a sense of peace and fulfillment, knowing that your estate will continue to fight for a cause you are passionate about. It's about making a statement that animals matter and their well-being is worthy of our care and protection.

How to include animal shelters in your will

Including an animal shelter in your will is a straightforward process, but it’s important to approach it with care. You should:

Select a shelter: Research and select a shelter or organization whose mission aligns with your values. You can find out more by visiting https://legacy.rolda.org/australia/.

Consult with professionals: Speak with an estate planner or attorney who can advise you on structuring your will to include a charitable bequest.

Specify your gift: Decide whether you want to leave a specific amount, a percentage of your estate, or particular assets to the shelter.

Communicate your decision: Inform the chosen organization of your decision. This can help them plan for the future and also allows you to understand how your gift will be used.

Leaving a gift for animal shelters in your will is an enduring declaration of your values and compassion. It’s a way to ensure that your commitment to animal welfare continues to make a difference in the lives of animals long after you are gone. By making this choice, you provide critical support to animal shelters and inspire a legacy of kindness and advocacy for animals in need. Your will can be a powerful tool for change, offering protection and hope to every animal facing danger and uncertainty. Embrace this opportunity to make a lasting gift to the voiceless, and leave a legacy that truly reflects the depth of your compassion and commitment to animal welfare.

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