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So many high school students worldwide are actively looking for a college to attend. Many of them already have a favorite college in mind; others are open to options and may even need help getting the proper guidance to the application process. Some colleges offer students the opportunity to visit their educational institution to get a better feel and a closer view of what they may experience once they enroll.

College students may often need a lot of help deciding which program to apply to and look for people or resources that can get them to where they want to be. This is the same reason why educational institutions like universities and colleges need to have personnel available to guide them through the establishment and offer them a glimpse of their future lives. While not many may think that tour guides are helpful for this task, others know and understand the many advantages their skills can bring to this opportunity.

Here are some of the ways in which tour guides can attract and help college students.

Use technology to lure them in.

Tour guides are known for being quick on their feet and explaining the many historical points of a given destination. However, in more recent times, they’ve become involved in the technological revolution that’s happening in our society right now. Tour guides or now using mobile applications and websites to promote their services and using their reservation software like Resmark so their clients can book their services or schedule appointments with them from the comfort of their homes. Resmark is an online booking system for tours, events, classes, and even rentals.

Create memorable experiences.

Additionally, tour guides are experts at creating experiences. They may take you to the highest mountain or the most beautiful rivers and create an experience that’s tailored just for you. They may have a kayak ready for you to use, or they may have some exotic animals in place for your selfie session. Likewise, tour guides can create memorable experiences for future college students. They can give them a private tour of the buildings in the university or college and even set up activities in which they can participate that are directly related to their preferred program.

Show them the facts.

Many students want to know the facts surrounding their favorite education institution. This is why many colleges hire the best college consultants to give them this information. Students already know why other people think their college of choice is the best; however, they want to know the details of why they should pick that college over the next one. They want to know where they rank, the projects they’ve participated in, their top programs, and the future they can have if they choose a program within that institution.

Set up selfie booths.

If there’s anything this generation of students is famous for is their love of selfies. Tour guides can use this to their advantage and set up selfie booths to attract students and make them want to share those images on their social media platforms. Selfie booths can be anything imaginable and can be created with simple materials such as cardboard. Tour guides can use the university’s slogan and other symbols that may pay homage to the institution and trendy phrases or hashtags that are popular among their potential students. The idea is to drop the formalities and relate with students in a fun and engaging way that can increase their interest in the college.

A tour guide can be just what a college needs to attract and keep their potential students.

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