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Eyelashes extensions, unlike anything else in comparison, is an indispensable accessory to any modern day glam adventure.

More so for all women who wish to wake up with fuller eyes, thus keeping the use of mascara and eyeliners to a bare minimum. 

While a lot is being said about protecting the environment and caring about the habitat, cruelty free mink lashes Australia have caught up the beauty industry by a storm.  They are a prime example to stay true to one’s sense of beautification without bringing any harm to the planet at large. 

In the post, we take a closer look at why magnetic eyelashes are a rage, and several benefits that it brings along, courtesy the vegan factor. 

Helps create an illusion of big, wide eyes 

Eyelashes extensions are ready-doer for wide eyes as they render them to appear more open than they normally are. Also, with eyelash extensions, women do not have to support their eye makeup way too much with mascara or eyeliners.

Just pair your magnetic eyelashes extensions with a healthy glowing skin, and you are ready to turn heads wherever you go! In other words, it gives you more confidence than ever and adds a bit of drama to your overall appearance like nothing else in comparison. 


A perfect accessory for summer make up

Women hate their make-up going to waste under hot humid weather. Usually, such episodes mostly end up with smeared maracas underneath the eyes. However, with eyelash extension, you can save such masty sights from coming back. 

While you can always use your mascara if you like , and especially if it's water based , but without it you still hold a chance to pull off a minimal to almost no make up look when out on a beach on summer day. Besides, the extensions are also waterproof which will hold all your crying, sweating or getting drenched in rain. What more can you expect from a glam up accessory? 


A comfortable way to deck up your eyes 

The finest vegan eyelashes Australia are uniquely comfortable to wear. So much so, that you might forget they are on as you carry along for the rest of the day after putting them on. 

Plus, unlike other products, you don't run the risk of an external product getting into your eyes or getting poked at accidentally. They are featherweight champions that elevate your eye makeup by leaps and bounds. 


Vegan eyelashes -A commitment to nature 

There are eyelash extensions, and then there are vegan eyelashes which is a fine token of gratitude that one pays to the environment we live in.

For several years, cruelty inflicted on animals like harmless minks for their hair to be used across eyelash extensions have been reported. Luckily, some of the leading names in the business have joined hands to fight for a rather noble cause and transform their product line into being cruelty-free vegan offerings. 

In Australia alone, retailers like Lesa Marie have shown the way for others to follow. Their exquisite range of cruelty free mink lashes uses premium quality synthetic fibers that closely resembles real mink lashes, and make way for products that can be seamlessly used by women both during the day and night. 

Also, considering the fact the vegan eyelash extensions are hypoallergenic, they are safe to be used for over long durations and don't cause any harm to your eyes. 

Wrap up 

Vegan magnetic eyelashes extensions are definitely the next big thing in the world of fashion and beauty. Having said that, it is important that you do not attempt to put on these extensions all by yourself the first time. Instead always consult a professional to get the job done to avoid any mishaps. 

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