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Getting to operate the car of your dreams finally does take a bit of work and boatloads of commitment. You had to pay for a driving school, get trained on theory, traffic rules, road signs, basic mechanic techniques, and so much more.  Not to mention, sacrificing your time to attend all these classes. Now imagine going through all this and getting your driving permit revoked? Wouldn’t it be devastating?  For sure, it will be. So if you want to stay in the clear, make sure you avoid the following activities at all costs.You will hear some of these things in passing in an  LTrent Driving Lessons class, and you must take note. They are quite severe if broken.

Driving drunk or high

When you consume alcohol or a drug, you are not in your right state of mind. First of all, your reflexes might be slower, and your perception of sight and hearing might be impaired, which is dangerous to do while driving. You may pose one more risk to yourself or other road users if you sleep while behind the wheel! That may cause you to crush into another car or into a ditch or something worse as driving off a bridge.

So much so, to avoid such eventualities, which none have a happy ending. When found under the influence, your car is towed, and your license is immediately revoked.

Driving a car you are not permitted to operate

In Australia and elsewhere, there are several types of driving licenses that give the holder different capabilities to operate other cars based on their capacities and their weights. Well, if you are a holder of a motorcycle license and you happen to be caught driving a tractor, your license will the revoked, and you get blocked from ever driving that tractor legally. One more thing you get is a court date and a hefty fine to pay.

Leaving the scene of a road accident

Sometimes, things happen that we did not see coming. Road accidents are right on top of that list. It is simple courtesy to stay at the scene of the accident until the authorities get there. And this is whether you are the cause of the accident or not. Unfortunately, some people do not handle such stresses easily, and they flee the scene of the accident, forgetting that they leave so much evidence pointing to them. Most people who flee accident scenes usually leave their phones, and the very driving license they try very much to protect. The results are that you get a charge of running away from the scene, a hefty fine, the revokingof your driving license, and the payment of damages on you. If the accident was fatal, you even end up serving jail time.

Failing to pay outstanding fines

If you fail to pay fines for mistakes and offenses you were found in before, you risk losing your license. Things like failing to pay damages of a previous accident you caused or traffic offenses you have on your record will have you getting disqualified.

Maxing out your traffic warnings

You may have a few minor traffic offenses that put you a list where the traffic law is watching you closely. If you have been warned severally to check the tail light of your car, followed by warnings of jumping lights and adding on to overtaking on zones, you are not allowed to may lead to your license getting canceled.

Being convicted for grafitti offense

If you happen to be driving a car while you have all the materials that could possibly be used in carrying out a graffitti offense may lead to your license revoke. If you happen to be a minor there is a delay put that you have to wait before getting your license. Most occasions are met by a suspension, but if you are a regular offender your license is completely struck off the records.

When found transporting illegal materials

When you are caught in transit moving illegal cargo form one place to another, including drugs, firearms, explosives or people, your license is cancelled. On top of this you get jail time according to the offence and pay hefty fines if you get to walk scotfree. The downside is that you may never be ale to drive ever again in your life. And if you happen to commit this offense in a foreign country, you get deported and lose everything you had in that state.

Old age

While this may not be your doing, it is still a reason you may have to stop driving. And if you are stubborn, the law will revoke your driving permit. And this is meant to make sure that you are safe all the time. In old age, people’s sight and hearing start to dwindle and this limits their ability to drive safe. That said, old people might get a revoked driving license because of those tow reasons.

Losing the hearing or eyesight

The very fact that you cannot see or hear will incapacitate all your efforts of trying to drive. These two senses are fundamental since they are the main stimulus you use while you drive. Losing one or both of them might lead to the cancellation of your driving license.

Take away

Nothing beats honesty, since it is the best policy. That said, you must strive to always be on the right side of the law to avoid getting your license revoked. Just imagine how disadvantaged you will be if you happen to lose your driving license? You will have to take the bus to work or get someone to drive you around. And that is just the bare of things you will have to deal with.

So in the spirit of keeping our driving permits legal and useful, avoid getting into trouble and you will drive up to your sixties and beyond. Well, unless you lose your eyesight or hearing, which we hope you don’t.
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