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After spending money on a car – whether it was a few thousand for a second-hand or over a hundred thousand on a brand-new luxury car – there is a very important need to protect your investment. In addition to driving carefully, this will for the most part take the form of regular vehicle maintenance. Maintenance is so important as it allows you to stay on top of any issues that may develop with your car, finding them and remedying them before they cause your car (and you wallet) any damage. There are a variety of factors that need to be considered when you look into maintaining your car – in this blog we examine a few to help give you a better idea of what you need to look out for.

How spending on car maintenance saves you money

There is a regular servicing schedule made for cars for a reason: by abiding by this timetable, your car has a much better chance of staving off common mechanical issues – frequent car repair is Sydney traffic is not ideal, after all! Although you might not have the budget for regular repairs (or decide to use the money elsewhere), investing in regular servicing and maintenance can prevent costly damage made to the cooling system, transmission system, drivetrain and a variety of other important components. In short preventive car care can very reduce general wear and tear not only of your vehicle’s engine, but a host of other components that serve to extend the life of your vehicle. Less breakdowns also translate to more safety, as you never know how vulnerable a situation you may be in if your car decides to give up. Make sure to check the treads and air pressure of your vehicle’s tires, as this is a bare minimum to ensure your car has a strong grip on the road. Plus, it makes your journey considerably more comfortable as well!

Reduce your repair costs

The amount you spend on regular car maintenance is a drop in the ocean compared to the hefty costs of unexpected repairs. These are often preventable, and can emerge as a result of neglected maintenance – so, instead of saving some money on a service, you’ll be spending entire pay checks on repairs you need for you car to run at all! This is because engine and other components don’t fail without a reason – minor problems like cracks, leaks, as well as excessive friction-related wear and tear are often spotted in services before they can cause serious damage. There are also a few car-related areas you can look after yourself without the need to take your vehicle into the mechanic. The fluids in your vehicle will diminish over time, so it’s very important to make sure they’re regularly topped up – a car with no oil will quickly accrue some serious damage over time. Tires are another easy one, as it only takes a quick glimpse to know whether they need to be replaced.

Take the time to care for your car

At the end of the day, it’s important to remember that while regular car maintenance costs might require you spend a few hundred dollars every now and then, the costs involved in a neglected car can be quite significant. This can include costs for completely replacing expensive components (or even an entire engine!) or calling a tow truck in the middle of the night. Time and money invested in your car pays off!

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