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Despite living in the 21st-century, there are homes where female education is not a priority. Even in the year 2020, some girls are not receiving their basic right to education.

On the one hand, the world is working on the concept of autonomous vehicles and other hi-tech solutions, while on the other hand, it is discouraging female education.

There are families around the world where boys are attending colleges overseas and receiving the highest quality education; the girls of the same families are not getting even basic education.

What is causing this disparity? Why are parents discouraging their daughters from receiving an education?

Is it the cultural barrier or religious restriction? Even after the availability of innumerable girls scholarships, parents do not seem to favor girl education. The most dominant reason behind this behavior is a mindset that believes that girls can only serve as housewives and caretakers of children.

If you still believe that educating your daughters is a waste of time and resources, you need to rethink it. Here are some critical aspects that make education for females crucial for the betterment of not only their lives but even for the nation!

Educating your daughters is important.

The way you send your sons to school, you need to send your daughters to acquire education. It is time that you start acting fair and stop discriminating between your son and daughter in regards to education.

Education is Your Daughter’s Basic Right

There are no questions there; education is every daughter’s fundamental right. Depriving your child of this basic right will turn them against you. When they see other powerful women making a difference in the world in later life, you will be the ones your daughter will blame. They will hold you accountable for stripping away their chance to succeed in life.

If you love your daughter and want them to stay close to you, it is high time that you consider sending them to colleges for higher education.

Boosts Confidence

When we talk about educating the girls, we not only talk about professional education, but we also talk about the societal and spiritual education. The world is moving at a very fast pace, and having high self-esteem and confidence levels is the basic requirement. It is crucial for every person in the world to work on improving their self-esteem because individuals with low confidence cannot succeed in life.

The low confidence level can ruin your daughter's personality. It can hinder their performance in life, in professional as well as personal life. By bestowing your daughter a chance to acquire education, you are helping her boost her confidence and lift her self-esteem. It will significantly enhance the quality of their lifestyle!

Prepares them for the Worst

Life is unpredictable.

Yes, you love your daughter, and you are doing all that you can to protect her from the evils of the world, but you will not be there always. There are some situations where you are completely helpless, and no matter how much you try, you will not get a chance to help her.

Given the high rates of divorce and separation around the world, what are the chances that your daughter will have a spouse to protect her in your absence? You can never know what the future holds for you, let alone knowing what future will hold for your daughter.

By allowing her to receive a quality education, you open the doors to success for her. You are giving her a chance to build a life herself. Access to education will help your daughter prepare for the worst in life. When life brings her face to face a challenging situation, they will have the capability to earn a living for themselves.

A Better Quality of Life

When a woman has an education, they have the potential to earn money.

The concept that the man of the house has to work to provide for their family is worn out. To spend a quality lifestyle, both the husband as well as the wife has to work for a living. You need to educate your daughter so that she can help her spouse build a comfortable lifestyle for the kids.

An ideal family in 2020 is where both parents work to provide their kids with quality education, leading quality medical care, and most importantly, comfort. By discouraging your daughter from acquiring education, you are taking away her right to provide a satisfying life to her family.

Paves the Way for an Improved Generation

If you educate your daughters, you are making a huge contribution to the betterment of not only your society but also the world. An educated mother can raise good kids and teach them the skills to excel in life.

Educating the daughters means you are contributing to shaping the future generation. The world needs a well-raised generation, which is only possible when the mothers have the potential. If you dream of a better world in the future, you have to give your share by allowing your daughter to receive an education.

Did you know that there are 774 million illiterate people in the world, and two-thirds of this illiterate population comprises of women? Well, this is how bad the situation is, and it is an alarming scenario for the world.

How can we expect to achieve a better world when we are discouraging our daughters to stay out of school?


You need to give your daughters a chance to excel in life, and you can only do this if you let them pursue their education in the field of their choice. When you are planning the future for your daughter, make sure you give them a chance to decide for themselves.

Education is the key to success in a tech-powered era, which is making the world move at a fast pace. By not letting your daughter acquire knowledge, you are taking away their chance to build a quality life for themselves.

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