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Everyone who has had a motorhome for some time and has had some success will tell you that leading a successful and pleasurable motorhome lifestyle does not depend on how much money you have, but rather on how much information you have. This realisation that living in a motorhome is an easy way to live independently with modest and controllable costs led to the discovery of this truth (if done right).

Understanding that the lifestyle entails having the convenience of a typical dwelling or house while constantly or occasionally on the go is essential for success in motorhome living. With this way of life, individuals may take the warmth of their home with them wherever they go. Experience has also taught us that the summertime is the perfect time to drive your car and enjoy the open road.

Even if the summer is the finest time to live in a camper, there are still some things that might make it unpleasant. The sweltering heat of the summer sun is the one element that has a high propensity to damage the motorhome living experience. However, as was already mentioned, education is essential to surviving the summer's heat and taking advantage of a lovely motorhome lifestyle. This article will give motorhome owners some advice on how to keep their cherished vehicle cool outside in the sweltering summer sun.

Essential tips to keep your motorhome cool in the scorching heat

Any vehicle owner may keep their motorhome comfortable in the heat by using the following advice. Among these hints are:

  1. Park in the shade: By doing so, you'll be taking the first step in keeping your car cool. Your RV is shielded from direct sun exposure by the shade. If there is no nearby shade, you can follow the sun's course to get an indication of where it will go. This enables you to position your car such that your sun is shielded from the sun's powerful UV rays, keeping you comfortable during the procedure.

  2. Using fans and air conditioning depends on the availability of electricity: If you have access to regular electrical outlets or choose to use the generator, AC is a practical alternative. The motorhome's batteries should not be used to power the AC as this depletes and weakens them. When a generator would annoy the neighbours and you did not have access to a conventional electrical socket, fans are the ideal substitute. Fans have the advantage of using less electricity, so your RV's batteries can handle the load.

  3. Putting up block-out curtains: often known as blackout curtains. They work well as heat barriers and insulators in enclosed spaces. You can also take the effort to use windshield coverings to protect the windows of the motorhome, particularly the front and back windshields.

  4. Install solar panels: You may claim that your car already has solar panels, but you should still go ahead and add more. The UV heating rays from the motorhome's roof are efficiently reflected by panels while being converted to power. With this advice, you can fix the cooling and electricity problems at the same time, thus "killing two birds with one stone."


Nobody says you cannot enjoy the summer sun when living the motorhome lifestyle, but it is always preferable to come home to a vehicle that is pleasantly cool, after exposure to the temperate summer sun. And this article has outlined tips to help keep your vehicle cool when outside.

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