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Europeans have long known the secret to a quality sightseeing experience – ditch the car and take it all in on a bicycle. Now, highly established and reputable provider – A’qto Cycling – is creating unforgettable tours for those looking to get amongst the action.

Within these glorious destinations is Italy – one of the shining lights for bicycle holidays all-round. Tours ranging from flatter, coastal landscapes to soak in the gorgeous blue seas, through to challenging trips that test the endurance of seasoned riders; there’s plenty to love about what’s on offer.

Paving the path to offering an attractive collection of tours for those looking to immerse themselves in these experiences, A'qto Cycling takes Australian riders to the Italian Alps and various wine regions in style. In a bid to test themselves through hilly climbs and winding roads and incredible descents across the country, riders are rewarded with the plentiful cuisine that the locals and countryside have to offer.

Take your time and enjoy the Italian hospitality

We’re nearly all ready to accept that a necessary part of going on holidays is indulging in the local cuisines – it’s just a part of how we travel. With a cycling holiday, this notion is taken to the next level; have your fill of food (and wine) made available along the tour, and burn it off as you hit the road each day.

Combining the intricacies of Italy’s most notable dishes, paired with glorious wines from across the various regions, A’qto Cycling take you away from the tourist hotspots to the varied sights off-the-beaten-track. Experience the winding hills and stunning serenity of Italy in full-swing as you top it off with regional cuisines that are simply to die for – and the hospitality even more so.

© Image source – A’qto Cycling

The best regions to visit on a bicycle in Italy with A'qto Cycling

Every year, the team at A'qto Cycling work hard to establish a calendar packed with some of the most notable tours throughout Italy. This includes the ever-famous Dolomites mountain range, the Giro d’Italia and experiences throughout Puglia and Tuscany.

Tours are already sold out for 2019, further emphasising the extreme success of the brand’s highly favoured experiences. Gearing up for 2020, the team now looks to prepare for some of the most anticipated tours across this iconic country, once more.

  • Giro d’Italia and The Great Climbs May 22-30 2020): The ultimate cycling holiday challenge that takes in the Italian Alps, the Dolomites and the Apennines. You can test yourself on the same tour as the professionals including some of the same race starts, finishes and mountain passes.

  • La Fausto Coppi Gran Fondo (June 21-29, 2020): This tour is named after Italy’s most famous cyclist, the champion of champions who dominated the Giro d’Italia and the Tour de France amongst other achievements. While it focuses on the sweeping mountain ranges and challenging cycling experiences, it also taps into the rich food and wine available in the Piemonte region – far away from tourist guides.

© Image source – A’qto Cycling

  • Puglia Cycling Tour (July 4-12, 2020): A mid-range difficulty tour that combines some elevations with sweeping coastal roads and rolls through the stunning olive groves of the Puglia region. This is a real Italian experience without the hordes of tourists, so you can live life the way the Italians do, while you tour the countryside by bike.

How to prepare for your trip

Like all holidays, preparation is in order. It’s important to remember that even journeys across the flatter horizons of Italy are going to present challenging experiences, so you’ll need to come equipped with the right mindset and equipment to tackle each hurdle (but that’s all a part of the fun).

Proper training in the lead up to your holiday will ensure you get the most out of your trip, without becoming overly fatigued or risking injury. With that in mind, A'qto Cycling has a support vehicle on tour with spare parts, first aid and the opportunity to sit out a challenging climb, if a rider needs a rest but wants to continue the tour.

Ultimately, A’qto Cycling’s tours are described as being designed for the passionate cyclist. While you don’t need to be an elite athlete, it is recommended that you are the kind of cyclist who rides frequently and has a strong base level of fitness.

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