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  • Written by Kathy Lane

From this Thursday 1 March, Melbourne travellers will enjoy reduced terminal parking prices at Melbourne Airport, making journeys to and from Tullamarine cheaper.


With the cost of living rising constantly, and wage growth flat across the nation, Melbourne Airport Parking’s price drop offers some welcome relief. With up to 20 per cent savings off drive-up rates for terminal parking, Melburnians can now park closer for less.


Melbourne Airport’s Chief of Parking and Ground Access, Lorie Argus, explains, “Today’s terminal price drop announcement is part of Melbourne Airport’s bigger strategy to provide greater choice for getting to and from Melbourne Airport. In November last year we launched our new Value Car Park specifically for the meet and greet market which is exceptional value at only $10 for up to 4 hours parking including a free shuttle to the terminals. By reducing our ‘at terminal’ parking prices, we are making it more accessible for more travellers to park closer to check-in.”

The terminal price drop comes off the back of customer research commissioned by Melbourne Airport in late 2017.


“We asked our customers what they wanted to see more of and whilst they are happy with the great rates on offer in the Long Term Car Park, the general feedback was that they’d like us to look at drive-up prices in the ‘at terminal’ car parks.  Customers have told us what they want and we have listened by reducing terminal parking prices by up to 20%,” said Lorie.


Dropping off family and friends is more affordable with 1 hour parking at the terminal now only $12, a 20% reduction. Or, if you need a bit more time for greetings, you can now park for up to three hours for just $24, down from $29. Business and short stay travellers don’t miss out either, with one day terminal parking now only $51, which is cheaper than a taxi to and from the city.


Melbourne Airport anticipates all visitors to the airport to benefit with reduced travel times and congestion through the forecourt as more meeters and greeters opt to park rather than circling around the airport whilst waiting for family and friends to arrive.


Over the past four years, Melbourne Airport has invested $250 million in the continued development of its road network, which carries almost 120,000 vehicles that drive through Melbourne Airport on an average weekday. As well as providing more than 24,000 public car parking spaces, the airport works with multiple commercial transport operators including taxis, rideshare operators, chauffeur cars, buses — including SkyBus, charter and Public Transport Victoria — and 17 off-airport car park operators, to provide travellers with a choice of transport options.


“With today’s terminal price drop, travellers now have more affordable choices than ever when coming to Melbourne Airport,” concluded Lorie.


For more information about Melbourne Airport Parking or to make an online booking, head to: https://melbourneairport.com.au/parking.


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