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Melbourne's leading luxury home builder Arch 10 combines modern designs with advanced construction techniques to create beautiful homes that focus on the future.

We at Arch 10 luxury home builders believe in building for a better future. Creating modern, sustainable homes helps new homeowners save money through lower operating costs and utility bills, and save the planet by reducing their carbon footprint.

We can reduce pollution and unwanted costs by employing green building practices and reducing our dependence on nonrenewable resources. Our sustainable homes invest in energy-efficient solutions and lower water usage, which reduces operating costs and maintenance over time.

As Melbourne's environmentally-conscious trend continues, sustainable homes often have a higher property value.

Getting to know Arch 10

Our team at Arch 10 has over 50 years of experience building homes from Elwood to Mount Waverly in Victoria. Putting in the extra time and effort to meet our customers' expectations ensures a result that both our team and  owners can be proud of.

Our homes have been featured in articles and TV shows, including "Build me a Home," which displayed an 8-star energy rated home, "Best Houses," which presented one of our more unique designs, and "C+A Magazine," promoting concrete as a material used in architecture.

We have been selected for multiple custom builder awards, including the Master Builders Victoria award for the best custom home between $1m and $3m, and nominations from the Masters Builders Association of Victoria for the "Young Builder of the Year" and "Master Builder of the Year".

Why Use Arch 10?

Our customers choose Arch 10 because we are committed to delivering the highest level of service and quality. We know that building a new home can easily go over budget, which is why we work hard to deliver your project on time and on budget.

Arch 10 completes all its work in-house by Melbourne-based builders and designers. Providing end-to-end solutions that incorporate every stage of the building process, from the initial design to the finishing touches.

One of the best aspects of working with Arch 10 is the ability to customize your dream home. With you throughout the building process, we ensure every detail is taken care of, and deliver a custom design that suits your lifestyle, budget,  and needs.

Luxury doesn't have to be expensive, and our homes reflect this with high-end finishes and fittings at a fraction of the cost.

Stay tuned for more news about Arch 10 and our efforts to raise the standard of luxury homes in Melbourne.

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