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Above Ground Vs Underground Water Tanks

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Since water shortages occur in Australia, water tanks are a must to compensate for the missed. When installing a water tank in your home, you have options between above-ground and underground tanks. To help make the best choice for you, we will discuss the pros and cons of both underground concrete tanks and above-ground tanks to help you understand the options so you can make an informed decision. 

Underground tanks

Underground tanks save space, making them a perfect match for smaller areas. We have gathered the main pros and cons of underground tanks here: 

Benefits of underground water tanks:

  • Space optimisation: Building your water tank under the ground will not encroach on your above-ground area. You can use the space above your tank for parking, lawns, outdoor kitchens, or other outdoor equipment you may need.
  • Insulation: The ground protects your water tank from temperature variation, so your water stays cool all year. In summer, the sun's rays can't reach your tank, and the cold doesn't affect your tank in winter. Moreover, no extreme weather conditions will impact your water tank; the earth provides the best insulation.
  • Security: your underground tank is hidden so no vandals can deteriorate it, and it stays away from any damage by harsh weather conditions like extreme heat or storms. 

Inconvenients of underground water tanks

  • Costly: The installation of your tank will include digging and extra plumbing. You may also add the cost of pumps to access the water quickly.
  • Maintenance: An underground water tank that isn't fixed correctly will lead to cracks that are difficult to repair. Those inconvenient cracks are mostly seen in concrete tanks. The best way to avoid them is to watch out during water tank installation. 

Above ground tanks

Above-ground tanks offer cheaper options and a simple installation. If you rent your place, this is a perfect option because above-ground tanks are movable. We will resume the main pros and cons of above-ground water tanks here. 

Benefits of above-ground water tanks

  • Simple and cost-effective: Plumbing work is reduced to a minimum as they are very easily connected to your rainwater harvesting system. They are simple and quick, typically installed on a stand or platform. Their maintenance is more accessible and cheaper.
  • Flexible location: above-ground tanks can be installed anywhere on your property. You will not necessarily lose space if you build a platform or install it on your roof. They are visible, but you can find the right spot to install them so they don't become inconvenient. As the above tanks are movable, you know that your investment will never be lost, even if you have to change property. 

Inconvenients of above-ground water tanks

  • Security: as they stand outside, they are subjected to violent climatic episodes, and their structure can be impacted by extreme heat or stormy weather. It would help if you watched out for cracks and stability of your structure even when no water is in.
  • Insulation: Your water tank will be exposed to temperature variation, and the water inside will be exposed too. You will get very cold water during winter and warm water during summer. Insulating an above-ground water tank can be expensive. It will be best to heat or cool the water after retrieving it if you need to.

A water tank becomes an essential investment so you can handle water shortages. Choose wisely between above-ground and underground tanks, knowing the pros and cons so you can anticipate the disadvantages and take countermeasures before deterioration happens. Take the best advice from a professional water tank seller.

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