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Sincerely, the topic of this article sounds hilarious. Like what the hell is a stove doing in the comparison you know? But to some extent, using a stove has its benefits. Let me find out together.

The three mentioned kitchen appliances are a must in any kitchen, if not all, at least one of them must be present. Yet, some people do not know which one to go for or the products to purchase when they eventually decide to have a particular one in their kitchen. If you fall in the category of this set of people, then you should endeavour to check out this review: “Best Home and Kitchen Appliance Reviews, Buyers Guide” to help you make a decision your kitchen will thank you for.

  • Stove

After the use of firewood for cooking became obsolete, using the stove for cooking became more popular and it is still very much in use in some parts of the world. A stove is a closed apparatus that burns fuel for the cooking of food. It makes use of fuel such as kerosene and sometimes diesel. It is by far the safest of the three heat sources under consideration but it can be very slow. It is also quite economical and not difficult to maintain. Its durability depends greatly on the level of maintenance and can serve up to a year. The fact that it is portable also makes it a great option for people in most developing and under-developed nations.

  • Gas Cooker

The commonest of the three is this heat source that makes use of compressed gas in a gas cylinder to generate the heat needed for cooking. It is considered a fast way of cooking food and very durable. However, the use of a gas cooker in the home can be very dangerous if it is not well-managed. We must ensure we turn off the gas whenever it is not in use. Depending on financial buoyancy and family size, the size of the gas cylinder we get may differ.

Also, gas cookers might not be reliable especially in countries where the supply of natural gas is unstable. Nevertheless, gas cookers are the most popular and as each day passes, their usage is more adopted by more people.

  • Pressure Cooker

This is a cookware that utilizes pressure to ensure food items are cooked at a faster rate since they are sealed. When sealed, the pressure in the cooker becomes greater than that of the atmospheric pressure and the temperature rises above the boiling point of water, hence, the food is cooked faster. It is very safe as the user has a good knowledge of using it and requires electricity. It is very common in most developed countries especially during the cold season and also the best cookware for mountain climbers. Moreover, you need to get recommendations to purchase a good one which you can easily achieve by checking out the review on the website stated earlier.

I would not say that specific cookware is the best of the three as your need and location might affect your decisions. A stove is best for safety measures, gas cookers are durable and quite reliable while pressure cookers are best for flash cookers. Just decide according to your needs and purchase wisely.

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